Level-Up Your Floor Mat Game This Winter Season

Improve Safety and Care in Your Business This Winter

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30 November 2023 Floor Care

Wet and cold weather bring unwanted dirt and germs into the business. Failure to tackle these issues can lead to a number of problems that can quickly escalate. Prevention is often better than the cure, and offering assured floor mats that effectively soak up the rainy outdoors and absorb dirt is your best protection in the wetter months.

Avoid These Common Mat Perils

Some of the hazards to be aware of this winter include:

Floor Damage: High-traffic areas in a business can suffer wear and tear over time, especially without the protective barrier of mats. This may result in the need for more frequent and costly floor repairs or replacements.

Slip and Fall Hazards: Without floor mats, wet or slippery surfaces can pose a significant risk of slip and fall accidents for both customers and employees. This can result in injuries, potential lawsuits, and increased insurance costs.

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Bacterial Growth: The absence of mats can contribute to the accumulation of moisture and dirt on floors, creating an environment conducive to bacterial growth. This can lead to hygiene issues, unpleasant odours, and increased health risks for individuals within the business.

Contamination Transfer: Without mats to trap and contain dirt, debris, and contaminants at entry points, these unwanted particles can spread throughout the business premises, increasing the risk of cross-contamination in various areas.

Increased Cleaning Costs: The absence of floor mats means more extensive and frequent cleaning is required to maintain a hygienic environment. This can escalate cleaning costs, as additional time and resources are needed to address the heightened demand for cleanliness.

Poor Air Quality: Dust and particulate matter that accumulate in the absence of mats can contribute to poor indoor air quality. This can affect the health and well-being of individuals within the business, potentially leading to respiratory issues and discomfort.

Appearance and Brand Image: Neglecting the use of floor mats can result in a less polished and professional appearance for the business. This may impact the overall perception of the brand and deter potential customers who associate cleanliness and safety with the professionalism of a business.

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CWS Ireland Have Your Mat Needs Covered

By recognising these hygiene and safety dangers, businesses can appreciate the importance of implementing floor mats as a preventive measure to address these potential issues.

Leave a long-lasting impression on your customers, create a safer, healthier workplace and protect your employees all year-round with our range of mats.

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