CWS Paradise Ladycare Floor-standing

Keep odors and waste where it belongs thanks to CWS Paradise Ladycare floor-standing

CWS Paradise Ladycare Floor-standing

CWS Paradise Ladycare Floor-standing


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Available as manual or sensor-controlled version
  • With fragrance solution for a pleasant smell
  • Privacy protection through special lid
  • Floor standing or wall hanging

Available colors

The CWS Paradise Ladycare hygiene box is a useful addition to any washroom. The box is used for the professional disposal of hygiene waste. This prevents hygienic waste from being disposed of in the toilet and causing pipe blockages.

A special fragrance solution in the box ensures that the smell is always pleasant, and a specially designed lid ensures privacy. Due to its small depth of 20cm, it is also suitable for narrow cabins.

The hygiene box is available as either sensor-controlled or manual and can be installed either floor-standing or wall-mounted. The design is in plain white plastic. This means that the hygiene box blends discreetly into any washroom and can be combined with all other CWS ParadiseLine products.


  • Box for the professional disposal of hygienic waste
  • Suitable for all types of washrooms, e.g. in offices, restaurants or public buildings
  • Prevents pipe blockages


Improper disposal of hygiene waste not only causes pipe blockages, but also pollutes the environment. In contrast, the provision of a hygiene box ensures proper disposal.

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