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More than just overalls: CWS Workwear offers the perfect clothing for all trades and professions in a practical rental service. In our latest interview, Morten Haure-Petersen, Michael Bergner and Frederik Vereecke explain how a reliable workwear service can make what really matters possible in the first place: focusing on core business activities.


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24 June 2019 Workwear

Morten Haure-Petersen, Chief Divisional Officer / Frederik Vereecke, Group Product Management Director / Michael Bergner, National Sales Lead

The solution package for workwear

CWS Workwear designs, produces and rents workwear. All clear so far. However, this seemingly simple sentence represents a whole range of collections for a wide range of fields, a logistics network that stretches right across Europe and hundreds of experts. “The best way to describe the diversity would be to use the term ‘solution package’,” explained Morten Haure-Petersen, Chief Divisional Officer at CWS Workwear. “Alongside workwear and personal protective equipment, we also offer individual designs and shops. Every product is accompanied by the corresponding service, which makes day-to-day work even easier for customers.”

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The rental service allows you to focus on what really matters

Michael Bergner, Director of Sales, provided more detail on this aspect: “The help that our service offers customers really makes all the difference! They no longer need to organise the procurement, alterations or cleaning of their workwear. This lightening of the load is particularly evident for those switching from purchased to rented items, as it allows them to focus on their core business activities again. Group Product Management Director Frederik Vereecke agreed: “We take care of everything from the alterations to the cleaning and care of the articles right up to the customisation of the design – the whole cycle.”

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Complete trust even with the strictest of requirements

Long-term expert advice and thus finding the perfect solution for their situation is the only way to reduce the workload for customers. For Michael Bergner, it is therefore clear that the focus should be on people: “Our aim is to send people to our customers who are pleasant, develop trust through reliability and offer comprehensive advice. Our long-term customer relationships, often extending back over more than ten years, are proof that we are on the right track.”

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Values for a healthier and safer tomorrow

Long-term values play a central role in CWS’ corporate vision: the goal is a safer and healthier tomorrow. “The primary consideration with all our solutions, take the personal protective equipment for example, is the safety of the wearers,” explained Frederik Vereecke. “In our rental service, everything is professionally cared for so as to ensure the optimal function of the protective features. Our goal: everyone should make it home healthy and safe at the end of their workday.”

“We take health and safety into consideration every step of the way from the cotton plant to the finished item of clothing – with people and the environment in mind,” added Morten Haure-Petersen. “Our laundries work in a way which saves resources and our supply chain is transparent. In addition, we have been offering entire collections produced using Fairtrade cotton for a number of years. Blue collar or white collar – all our garments are ‘green’ on the inside!”