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21 May 2019 Floor Care

Dust control mats are our indispensable daily helpers, yet they often go almost completely unnoticed. Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Count the mats you walk over day in, day out – at home, in public, in entrance areas and in buildings. You’re sure to count quite a few for something that you normally never pay any or very little attention to at all. After all, dust control mats don’t just look nice, they also ensure our floors are safe and are thus in use almost everywhere you look. In our latest interview, Frank Reisgies and Florian Hünke von Podewils from the CWS Floor Care solution area explain why we shouldn’t just brush off dust control mats without a further thought.

Frank Reisgies: General Manager HY Core Business
Florian Hünke von Podewils

Frank Reisgies, General Manager Hygiene Core Business / Florian Hünke von Podewils, Regional Managing Director Hygiene

Multitalented: cleanliness, safety, design and health

CWS Floor Care offers a wide range of solutions for dust control mats. Our products let customers kill a variety of birds with one stone,” explained Florian Hünke von Podewils, Regional Managing Director Hygiene. “Mats in entrance areas act as a barrier to dirt from outside and keep the whole building clean. They brush moisture off shoes and help to avoid accidents resulting from slipping on wet floors. Customised designs mean they can also be used as an advertising tool.”

But that’s not all: additional products such as anti-fatigue mats also include features which are good for your health. “Our anti-fatigue mats help employers design comfortable standing workplaces. The mats were specially developed to absorb impacts and make standing for long periods more comfortable,” said Frank Reisgies, General Manager Hygiene Core Business.

In short, the mats unite the qualities of cleanliness, safety, design and a healthy workplace.


The service: advice, cleaning, replacement

Before you order your mat(s), a CWS customer consultant pays you a visit. “We perform a comprehensive analysis together with our customers,” explained Frank Reisgies. “We take a look at the site plan and our consultants determine where mats make the most sense. For example, in front of the door or the counter."

And the service doesn’t stop at the personal consultation and delivery of the mat. The dust control mat must be regularly cleaned if it is to fulfil its function properly. “Our solutions also include the CWS rental service,” explained Florian Hünke von Podewils. “We collect the mats from the customer, wash them, dry them and deliver them back again. In winter, we do this more frequently, as more dirt is brought in from outside. CWS is flexible.”

For customers, this means clean floors at all times yet no organisational efforts – even in companies with multiple branches.


The advantage: in addition to floors, the mat also protects joints and resources

Mat solutions from CWS don’t just keep the floor clean – the environment benefits too. “Our mats are highly functional,” said Florian Hünke von Podewils. The material can be cleaned and dried extremely quickly. That translates to less environmental pollution and lower energy and water consumption.”

Frank Reisgies added, “Mats are silent helpers working hard to improve our day-to-day safety. Around entrances, they help to avoid slipping. This protects the safety of employees and customers alike! In the workplace, special mats make standing more comfortable. There are even solutions for the cleanroom segment. As such, our motto is: “There’s always room for a mat!”

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