CWS Scandic Line: Shirt

Classic white men's shirt for waiters and service staff, from particularly sustainable production in Europe.

CWS Scandic Line: Shirt

CWS Scandic Line: Shirt


  • Light and airy men's shirt made from sustainable fabric
  • Fashionable stand-up collar with stain-resistant, dark grey edging on the inside
  • Slim fit
  • Button placket with 6 buttons
  • Rear longitudinal waist darts
  • The long sleeve can be rolled up and fixed with a dark grey strap and button
  • Width-adjustable cuffs with slit and small button

Available colors

This modern, slim-fit white shirt for men is ideal for the hotel, restaurant, service, catering and retail sectors. Special plus point: The "Scandic Line" shirt is produced in Europe from recycled raw materials using green electricity. Skin-friendly cotton guarantees high wearing comfort, even in hot temperatures. Recycled cotton has the same good wearing properties as new cotton. Recycled cotton avoids additional textile waste and requires far fewer resources than conventional or organic cotton. The blended fabric is easy to care for, robust and ideal for daily hygienic laundry care. The shirt has a slim cut and figure-flattering lines. The neck area is set off in dark grey, which makes it less prone to soiling. Since long sleeves are sometimes considered annoying in service professions, the sleeves of this shirt can be rolled up and securely fastened with a bar and button.

This white men's shirt can not only be easily combined with all other colours; white is also the classic colour when it comes to service clothing. Both the chosen material and the standardised and certified washing processes at CWS guarantee spotless cleanliness and counteract greying of the clothing.


The casual men's shirt made of environmentally friendly materials fits ideally into young, modern restaurant concepts as well as urban hotels or organic markets. The "Scandic Line" includes matching chef's jackets, dungarees and aprons in dark green, dark red or dark grey. You also get a matching ladies' blouse.

  • 5% recycled polyester | 19% recycled cotton | 22% polyester | 22% cotton | 2% elastane, 140g/m²
  • Breathable thanks to high cotton content
  • Fabric with recycled materials saves resources and energy during production
  • Dark grey stand-up collar soils less quickly


CWS supports companies that want to do business sustainably with workwear that is produced regionally, socially responsible and particularly environmentally friendly. Thanks to CWS' consistent circular strategy, the "Scandic Line" collection is very environmentally friendly: the fabric of the bistro jackets, dungarees and aprons is made from 65% recycled polyester from PET bottles and 35% recycled cotton. For the blouses and shirts of the "Scandic Line", CWS uses a classic cotton-polyester blended fabric. The majority of the cotton and polyester is obtained from recycling in order to keep the environmental impact of the garments low. The "Scandic Line" is manufactured in Europe using green electricity. The "CWS Scandic Line" is certified according to OEKO® -Tex Standard Class 1, Eco Label-Energy Green and GRS Global recycled standard CU1114095GRS-2021-00044438. The garments in the "Scandic" line also feature a new CWS label showing a QR code that gives wearers a complete insight into the sustainability of the garment in question. The CWS initiative "Know what you wear" thus contributes to more transparency in the textile industry.

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