CWS proFlex4 Essence: Coat Men

The welder coat can be quickly pulled over everyday wear making it great for quick welding jobs. 

CWS proFlex4 Essence: Coat Men

CWS proFlex4 Essence: Coat Men


  • Low fabric weight of 330 g/m2
  • Stand-up collar with concealed press stud, back open from yoke edge
  • Waist with elastic back belt and quick-release buckle
  • Front with concealed press studs on the front, cuffs with press stud adjustment

Available colors

The welder coat from the proFlex4® Essence collection is a clever addition to the range. It protects wearers from heat, flames, weld spatter and molten iron splashes. The back is open from the edge of the yoke allowing employees to pull on the coat over everyday clothing quickly and easily, for example, to do a short welding job. Unlike leather aprons, this protective item also covers the arms and shoulders, thus achieving a more comprehensive protective effect.

The straight-cut welder coat features a stand-up collar with a concealed press stud and an elasticated back strap with a quick-release buckle at the waist. The cuffs are adjustable. For the material, CWS uses a combination of aramids, flame-resistant viscose and carbon. Thanks to Kevlar® content, the welding coat is not only highly resistant to cuts, but is also extremely robust. It offers reliable protective properties even after multiple wash cycles. The viscose ensures an exceptionally pleasant and light feel. The material weighs in at just 330 g/m2. CWS offers the coat in the colour combination dark blue/grey.


The welder coat can be quickly pulled over everyday wear making it great for quick welding jobs. The material protects against heat, flames, molten iron splashes and weld spatter.

  • 58% aramid | 41% FR viscose | 1% carbon
  • Protection against heat/flames and weld spatter
  • UV protection of 50+
  • The Kevlar® content makes the coat extremely tear- and cut-resistant


CWS sets great store by ensuring that its suppliers operate in accordance with ethical and sustainability standards. They have all committed themselves to the requirements of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). The following applies for suppliers from risk countries: They are audited regularly to verify their compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct. Above and beyond this, CWS develops and processes durable and recyclable workwear with textiles and raw materials which are as sustainable as possible. Renting clothing from us for years saves resources. We repair damaged items as far as possible. The washing and drying processes in our industrial laundries use electricity and other energies as efficiently as possible. Fresh water is used repeatedly instead of just once.

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