CWS IQ Paper Towel Dispenser

Impress your washroom visitors with the elegant and sustainable CWS IQ Paper Towel Dispenser

CWS IQ Paper Towel Dispenser

CWS IQ Paper Towel Dispenser


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Efficient and rapid refilling during ongoing use
  • No waste bin for used paper required
  • Portion length can be infinitely adjusted

Available colors

The CWS IQ paper towel dispenser is designed for sanitary areas with high user traffic. It combines the flexible filling of a folding paper dispenser with the advantages of a loop system. Efficient and quick refilling during operation prevents shortages. In addition, filling new paper cassettes into the paper towel dispenser is easy, as it works in the same way as standard folding paper systems. The fact that used portions remain in the paper towel dispenser separate from the fresh paper and are rolled up to save space means that the washroom always remains clean. No waste bins for used paper are required. The portion length on the CWS IQ paper towel dispenser is infinitely adjustable. The paper towel dispenser is made of robust ABS plastic and therefore has a long service life.

The paper towel dispenser is available in white. The paper is available in: 2-ply strong fabric, non-woven resilient cotton and 2-ply super-strong fabric in blue.


• For sanitary areas with a high user traffic

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