CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner

The CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner brings always available hygiene to your washroom and beyond. Increase protection against viruses and germs, by disinfecting your surfaces. 

CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner

CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS


  • Push operation for intuitive handling 
  • Color coded caps for safe, fault-free refilling 
  • Exchangeable panel colors 

Available colors

Surfaces in washrooms, such as flush knobs, door handles and faucets, are hotbeds of germs. But outside the washroom, good hygiene is no less important. The CWS PureLine Surface Cleaner offers a convenient and intelligent solution to help clean many more objects. Think about desks in offices, changing tables in day-care centers and tables in restaurants.  

Surface Cleaner uses an alcohol-free, ready-to-clean foam. It leaves no skin-irritating residue and is effective against all enveloped viruses, such as Corona-, Rota, Papova/Polyoma viruses. The disinfectant is suitable for cleaning all common surfaces, VAH-certified, and free of fragrances, aldehydes, parabens and silicones. The ease of use is great, thanks to the auto-stop function and the drop-free foam dosage. The push handle ensures optimal, intuitive handling.  

Approximately 500 servings can be dosed with one 300 ml bag of liquid. Thanks to the 188 ml reservoir, you will never run out. The color-coded caps and the use of the same key for all PureLine dispensers, ensure that refilling is safe and error-free.  

One of three panel colors, White, Silver or Mint, can be chosen for the dispenser, so it always fits in flawlessly with the rest of your washroom and its equipment.


  • Practical Surface Cleaner for washrooms and beyond 
  • VAH- certified. Does not leave skin irritating residues  
  • Free of fragrances, aldehydes, parabens and silicones  
  • Dermatologically tested 


  • Pouch empties fully in the reservoir 
  • Made in Europe 
  • VAH-certified 
  • Free of fragrances, aldehydes, parabens and silicones 

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