Special mixing system plus digital mirror for improved hand hygiene in public areas

With the new CWS SmartWash Plus hygiene bundle, comprising the innovative CWS SmartWash mixing system and a digital mirror, CWS is now offering a future-oriented global for efficient handwashing and improved hygiene levels.

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Duisburg, 20 July 2020. With the new CWS SmartWash Plus hygiene bundle, comprising the innovative CWS SmartWash mixing system and a digital mirror, CWS is now offering a future-oriented solution for efficient handwashing and improved hygiene levels. An animation on the mirror not only reminds users to wash their hands, but also guides them optimally through the process. The special mixing system dispenses premixed soapy water automatically and without contact followed by clear water for rinsing.



Mirror mirror on the wall who has the cleanest hands of them all? Almost perfect hand hygiene is guaranteed when you wash your hands with the CWS SmartWash mixer system and follow the instructions displayed on the digital mirror.

The procedure is both simple and effective: The mirror draws visitors’ attention to the issue of handwashing with an animation and encourages them not to leave the washroom without performing this important hygiene measure. Potential infection chains can thus be broken.

When the sensors in the mixer system detect hands approaching, the system dispenses water premixed with soap and air, making it virtually impossible to avoid using soap. After all, only around 30 per cent of washroom visitors use soap to wash their hands unless prompted.

The settings in the mixer system and the animation are synchronised: lather, rub, rinse. The smart mirror then finally reminds users how important it is to dry their hands. The patented mixing technology also cuts down water consumption by up to 90% and soap consumption by up to 60%.

Testing by an independent test institute concluded that hands are cleaned gently and bacteria effectively combated with the CWS SmartWash.


Soap can be easily replaced by cleaning staff

When the soap is running low, a light on the CWS SmartWash system indicates that refilling is required. The soap bag can be conveniently replaced without any mess in just a few steps.


Broad range of applications

The CWS SmartWash Plus hygiene bundle is ideal for companies and businesses of all sizes. The retail and gastronomy sectors as well as mobility hubs such as airports, train stations and motorway service stations can all benefit from this comprehensive hygiene offering.


The advantages at a glance:

  • Improved hygiene standards thanks to the sensor controls in the mirror and contact-free mixing system
  • The infection chain is broken by the automatically premixed soap, water and air mixture
  • Costs are cut and resources are saved due to the reduced consumption of water and soap
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Simple cleaning



About CWS

With innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions, CWS contributes to a healthier and safer tomorrow. The CWS range is divided into products and services in the areas of Hygiene, Floor Care, Workwear, Fire Safety, Cleanrooms and Healthcare. Since April 2019, all service areas of the company have been operating as an integrated system provider under the name of CWS.

CWS is a brand of CWS-boco International GmbH and its subsidiaries. The group currently employs around 10,600 people in 16 countries. In 2019, the company generated a turnover of €1,188 million. CWS-boco International GmbH and its subsidiaries are wholly owned by Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH.

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