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CWS supports you in your trade by providing workwear,
dust control mats for the workplace, hygiene solutions,
and much more.

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No matter how urgently you need to get back to work, health and safety is always a priority. And, as you well know, observing proper health and safety measures goes way beyond wearing protective overalls and installing soap dispensers in the washroom.

CWS is a full-service provider for workwear, personal protective equipment, hygiene and other solutions for your industry. This means you can source everything you need to protect your employees from us. For example, anti-fatigue mats, complete washroom fittings, and PPE training. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we also take care of everything else, such as washing and storing your workwear. We have developed a comprehensive and sustainable service cycle for this purpose.

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Dust control mats


Did you know that you can also rent many of our products? We'll collect them for washing, inspection or repair and bring them back to you on-site, as good as new.

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Skin protection prevents skin diseases

In German automotive industry, skin conditions are among the most common occupational illnesses. Time and time again, downtime and rescheduling are the result. Gloves that protect against paints, oils, tar and glue can help, but they do not necessarily get to the root of the problem. This is because sweat causes the skin to swell, allowing infectious agents to penetrate it more easily.

CWS assists you with protective measures, cleansing and care, for example with a skin protection plan. It helps to apply good quality, skin-friendly products next to the sinks, and in the right order. Not only are CWS solutions efficient and flexible, our products are also effective, robust and easy to care for.

"Our wrenches and jacks need to be maintained. But the most important tool is our hands. Handling grease and engine oil on a daily basis puts a strain on the skin and sometimes causes serious illnesses. Anyone who wants to protect his or her employees effectively relies on care products that can be reached quickly in the hectic pace of everyday life."

Michael Stadler, Managing Partner at Classic & Sports Cars

Michael Stadler, geschäftsführender Gesellschafter bei Classic & Sports Cars






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There is a lot to report about trade fairs and conferences, and that's certainly the case in our six sectors of business. Whether it's providing tips on how to deal with germs, announcing we're the proud recipients of an award, or reporting on new guidelines - we always keep you up to date.

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