CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam

The CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam Soap dispenser brings an efficient and sophisticated hygiene solution to your washroom. The dispenser is equipped with a push system for intuitive use and improved hygiene. 

CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam

CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS


  • Highest standard of hygiene with a 100% airtight product path that prevents contamination 
  • Fill level indicator on both sides 
  • Color coded caps for safe, fault-free refilling 
  • Exchangeable panel colors 

Available colors

We spread a lot of bacteria and germs through our hands. Therefore, having a good hand hygiene is of great importance. In many industries, washing the hands with antibacterial soap is essential, which is why disinfect foam soap is an important part of the hygiene concept. In this way, the number of germs that employees and customers come into contact with on a daily basis can be greatly reduced.  

The CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam Soap dispenser is filled with CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam Soap 600ml, that provides approximately 667 servings. Thanks to the 188ml reserve tank, you will never run out. The Disinfect Foam soap meets all requirements for hygienic handwashing according to EN 1499. 

The dispenser has a fill level indicator on both sides and thanks to the color-coded caps and the use of the same key for all PureLine dispensers, refilling is safe, easy and fault-free. Like all PureLine products, the front panel is available in three sophisticated colors: White, Silver and Mint. 


  • Push lever for intuitive and hygienic hand washing 
  • CWS PureLine Disinfect Foam Soap is bactericidal, levurocidal and limited virucidal 
  • Supports concepts such as HACCP and LMHV 
  • With discreet grapefruit fragrance (IFRA-compliant) 


  • Drip-free dispensing of the soap 
  • Soap pouch empties fully in the reservoir 
  • Made in Europe 

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