Coronavirus: How CWS is prepared

The novel coronavirus has an increasing impact on society and the economy. Find out how CWS is responding to the current development.

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16 March 2020

Rising demand for disinfectants, interrupted supply chains in global trade and uncertainty about the ways in which the coronavirus is spread are also leading to increased demand from customers and employees at CWS. Here are the most important questions and answers for you.

How is Hygiene Management at CWS prepared for the current requirements?

Hygienic solutions are the focus of CWS service. Its RABC hygiene management system is certified according to DIN 14065:2016 and is checked annually by an independent certification company. This includes, among other things, proof of the effectiveness of our disinfecting washing procedures, which ensures effective killing or inactivation of potential pathogens. 

How does CWS react internally to the coronavirus to protect employees?

With regard to the spread of the corona virus, the company has developed a pandemic plan and provides employees with targeted and regular information on official guidelines and additional rules of conduct and protective measures. A Group-wide crisis management team assesses the situation on a daily basis. In this context, for example, the expansion of teleworking, the elimination of business trips and meetings, and the continued use of protective equipment in the laundry and service departments were rolled out.

As employees of a rental service company in the field of hygiene, workwear and fire protection, CWS' personnel is also already trained in hygiene management. In addition, they were given additional guidelines in the course of the spread of the corona virus.

Can CWS meet all customer requirements despite the increasing demand?

The fulfilment of its service promise to CWS customers is very important to the company. For this reason, CWS began planning additional volumes of articles in its hygiene portfolio at a very early stage and has started to involve other suppliers. Of course, the company must also take into account the developments in global supply chains. As of today, all products and services in the field of regular hand hygiene are available. Antibacterial soaps and articles for disinfection are available from manufacturers primarily for sensitive facilities (e.g. hospitals). Due to the current high demand, longer delivery times may occur in these areas. The now increasing restrictions of public life, higher infection rates as well as partial closures of national borders can also have an influence on the ability to deliver. In such cases, CWS will actively inform customers and endeavour to find a prompt solution. 

Which other measures has CWS taken with regard to customers?

According to the WHO, 80 percent of all infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands. Every company should therefore attach great importance to instructing its employees on how to wash and dry their hands correctly. This can significantly reduce illness rates. To protect CWS employees, CWS has also called on its customers to cooperate in dealing with the corona virus. If there are any suspected cases of corona or confirmed illnesses on the customer’s side, specific protective measures will come into force in consultation with the respective customer.

In its external communications, CWS is also increasingly drawing attention to the importance of hand hygiene in preventing illness. The company provides tips and advice on how to wash hands properly and disseminates these via social networks, among other things, in order to reach as many people as possible. Because only if everyone participates can the spread of the coronavirus be contained as quickly and sustainably as possible.

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