Who can train fire safety assistants?

The answer to this can be found in the DGUV information and depends largely on the qualification of the trainer.

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12 April 2024 Fire Safety

Fire safety assistants play a crucial role in operational fire protection. They are responsible for acting quickly and effectively in an emergency to protect lives and property. Their tasks range from evacuating people and fighting initial fires to supporting the fire department on arrival. An important question in this context is: who is allowed to train fire safety assistants? The answer to this can be found in DGUV Information 205-023 and depends largely on the qualifications of the trainers.

Who can train fire safety assistants?

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The answer.

Trainers are required to have professional training in fire safety or relevant professional experience in this field. They must also complete regular training courses to keep their knowledge up to date. Qualified trainers include

  • Fire safety officers with proof of examination,
  • Fire department group leaders,
  • Occupational safety specialists with additional training in fire protection and
  • Persons with a degree in fire protection.

In principle, it is permitted to train fire safety assistants within the company, provided that qualified persons are available. If not, the training can or must be outsourced to external specialist fire protection companies or the fire department, who will train your employees in accordance with the legal requirements.

We support you

As a specialist company in the field of fire protection, we offer training courses for fire safety assistants throughout Germany.

We have experienced trainers and various training locations to ensure flexible, practical and high-quality training. We are also able to offer the training

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Good to know: We train fire safety assistants with certified fire safety officers. Many of them are also active in the fire department, for example as group leaders. In addition, we regularly train our trainers in our own training center.

Do you still have questions about who is allowed to train fire safety assistants?

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