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Pure Hygiene never looked better.

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1 February 2022 Hygiene

CWS aims to contribute to a healthier and safer tomorrow with innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions. Sustainability has always been high on our list of priorities.

Our new CWS PureLine fits perfectly into that picture.

The demands of our time call for innovative solutions to improve hygiene. This contributes to a lower number of sick days, as well as an increased sense of well-being for your employees. The CWS PureLine is a completely redesigned new product line that reflects our holistic hygiene concept and makes a valuable contribution to a healthier life.

Pure Hygiene

With CWS PureLine, we establish a feel good atmosphere at any place and offer protection to the individual. It is designed to be highly user-friendly and meets all hygiene standards. With its contemporary design, it adapts perfectly to different needs and can be integrated anywhere.

Pure Sustainability

The CWS PureLine follows our circular business model "Think Circular". We reduce our environmental impact by extending the useful life of our products as long as possible by optimizing them for repair. In addition we primarily use recycled materials. We rely on sustainable cotton rolls and all CWS PureLine soaps and papers are certified with the EU Ecolabel.

Pure Intelligence

All non-touch dispensers of the CWS PureLine are IoT-ready. Via a configuration app, dispenser dosage amounts for instance can be individually adjusted to the needs and requirements. Furthermore, thanks to the existing sensor technology, unnecessary contact with surfaces is avoided. 


Pure Hygiene never looked better!

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