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You should not skimp on sensible work clothing. But: You can! And with a clear conscience. From February to April 2023, you will receive attractive introductory prices and special conditions as a new customer of CWS Workwear.

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1 February 2023 Workwear

Metal is life

Metal is a special material - and our world would be unthinkable without metals. Tools, equipment and weapons are made of metal; historical epochs are named after metals - just think of the Iron Age, the Copper Age or the Bronze Age. Man has been processing metals since the Neolithic Age; man has been alloying metals since 3,500 BC; man has been liquefying metals since the 14th century. And since 1899, CWS Workwear has been providing professional textile services. The metal trade, metal construction, metal processing and metal production are one of our most important pillars. And they also form one of our most demanding product ranges.


Turning, milling, grinding, sawing, engraving, punching, etching, rolling, drawing, embossing, hallmarking, driving, casting, welding, soldering and much more!

Whatever you make from metal or do with metals, play it safe. Use workwear that you trust. Tested, certified workwear, inspected after every wash. Workwear from a specialist. Workwear that has been on the market for many years and in continuous use in tens of thousands of companies.

Hard protection with ease

CWS Alpha Welding 1

Lithium is the lightest metal in the world; it weighs half as much as water. Modern workwear does weigh a little more. But breathable fabrics such as flame-resistant cotton with Proban finish, as used in the CWS collection "Alpha Welding 1", are wonderfully light on the skin even in hot working environments. Wide cuts ensure freedom of movement and ventilation.

CWS Workwear processes technically sophisticated aramid fibres such as Kevlar® and Nomex® in its metal workwear. These fibres offer enormous tear and cut resistance. Nomex® is permanently antistatic and flame-resistant for up to 8 seconds as well as oil and dirt repellent. Aramid fibres are used in the CWS collections "proFlex4 Advanced" and "Pure Welding 2", among others.

CWS Pure Welding 2
CWS Pure Metal

2,000 degrees and it's getting hotter? Anyone who casts, drives or welds metals is exposed to incredibly high temperatures. The "Pure Metal" collection from CWS Workwear protects against aluminium and other metal splashes with patented, innovative high-tech wool fibres, while effectively minimising heat stress.

Seasonally fluctuating order and employment situation?

No problem. Good workwear not only provides reliable protection, it should also be flexible to order, return, re-procure quickly and change seasonally. Ask about the FLEX Service from CWS Workwear if your choice for high-quality, professional construction site clothing falls on us as a full-service provider.

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Because they know what they are doing

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In 1899, the company "Burmeister, Ozmer & Co." was founded in Hamburg, which would soon be abbreviated to the artificial word "boco" and become one of Germany's leading suppliers of workwear to industrial and craft businesses. Since 2017, we have been called "CWS Workwear". What has remained is our claim to high-quality, durable products and personal service in your vicinity.

Get to know us now. We can still offer you attractive new customer conditions until the end of April.

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