Think Circular – Sustainable Laundries at CWS

We optimize our water cycles in accordance with circular principles: reduce, reuse, recycle.


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24 August 2021

Think Circular is the guiding principle of all CWS business activities. It is our aim to optimize our cycles in order to help address the global challenges of resource scarcity and climate change. As a service provider, we offer solutions that are based on circular principles: reduce, reuse and recycle. Our laundry in Solingen highlights these efforts.




Water – Reduce, Reuse

Freshwater is a valuable and increasingly scarce resource. CWS began looking into saving resources in its laundries early on. That way, we have solutions and expertise in place to continuously reduce and reuse our water consumed. For example, our mixed products laundries allow us to optimally redirect resources: once towel rolls are cleansed, the water and cleaning agents can be reused to clean mats. We are currently implementing a laundry concept that helps us saving up to 30 % energy. For example, as of this year, a combined heat and power plant (CHP) is being operated at our laundry in Solingen.

Wastewater – Recycle

One of our industry’s greatest challenge is the discharge of water.  Taking the “waste” out of wastewater is a basic condition for circular business practices. For example, we use a process called electrocoagulation in which used laundry water is put under electrical voltage. This separates the contaminants from the wastewater in an efficient way without adding chemicals. By doing so, we get about 30 percent pure water for reuse again. Due to the first pilot in Sweden, a country with very strict environmental laws, CWS exceeded the given standards. Today we use this in Solingen, Germany, as well as in Sweden.

Did you know? Our washing processes are awarded with the Label “Blauer Engel” or the “EU Ecolabel”?


Water is essential for personal hygiene. Tomorrow we show a cooperation that is important for us. Sustainability not just about us adjusting our settings, it's also about giving others the opportunity to learn about hygiene and educate so that change can be lived.