Fire brigade route plans

Fire brigade route maps are signposts for emergency services to quickly localize the scene of the fire and show the floor plan of the building as well as the routes.

Fire brigade route plans

Fire brigade route plans


  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Check
  • Planning & Creation


  • Easy updating of the fire brigade route plans possible
  • Legally compliant implementation including coordination with authorities and fire brigade
  • Regional experts throughout Germany

Fire brigade maps - advice, creation & updating

In the event of a fire, fire brigade route maps or fire detector line maps support the fire brigade in quickly locating the site of the fire. They also enable better orientation in buildings.

Fire brigade route maps provide information on building floor plans and accesses, routes to the triggered alarm group and the location of the fire alarm centre. In commercial and public facilities, fire brigade cards are a prerequisite for connecting a fire alarm system. They must be kept in a storage box at the fire brigade information center or near the fire brigade display table or fire brigade control panel.

All-round carefree package: First of all, we analyse your local conditions on site. Subsequently, our regional experts will prepare object-specific fire brigade route plans considering DIN 14675 and the specifications of the local fire brigade. To do so, we naturally coordinate with the local fire brigade or fire protection service.

Service around fire brigade maps and fire alarm systems:

  • Installation and maintenance of the associated fire alarm system
  • Storage box at the fire brigade information center 
  • Subsequent updates of the fire brigade route plans


  • Good orientation for the fire service in buildings
  • Quick localisation of the fire site

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