Fire extinguishing exercise in the company

A fire extinguishing exercise enables people to act correctly in an emergency without panicking.

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8 September 2023 Fire Safety

Fires can break out anywhere and at any time. Whether in the workplace, in public buildings or in homes - a quick response to a fire is crucial to protect human lives and avoid property damage.

A fire drill makes it possible to act correctly in an emergency without panicking. It thus ensures that everyone involved knows how to use a fire extinguisher effectively.

Fire extinguishing exercise in the company

The employer is obliged to take appropriate fire prevention measures. In organisational fire protection, this includes both the training of fire protection assistants and annual fire protection instruction for all employees. The practical fire extinguishing exercise is part of the professional training.

Important: The fire extinguishing exercise in the company is also anchored in law. For example, §10 ArbSchG, ASR A 2.2 and DGUV Information 205-023 require regular practice in the correct use of fire extinguishers.

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Components of a fire extinguishing exercise

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During a fire extinguishing exercise, the participants learn about the different types of fire extinguishers and areas of application both theoretically and practically. Thus, the participants learn the correct handling of different fire extinguishers on a realistic open fire at the Fire-Trainer.

Good to know: The Fire-Trainer is controlled by the trainer and enables different fire scenarios (e.g. fire of a waste bin or monitor).

In addition, special fire scenarios are presented during the fire drill. These usually include the demonstration of a grease and spray can explosion.

Frequently asked questions & answers

Who is responsible for carrying out fire-fighting exercises?

The responsibility lies with the employer. He must ensure that the legal requirements for (organisational) fire protection are met. This means that he must have a sufficient number of fire protection assistants trained and organise annual fire protection training for all employees. This is based on the DGUV, ASR A2.2 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, among others.

Who must take part in a fire drill in the company?

As a matter of principle, every employee must participate in an annual fire safety training (including fire drill). In addition, the fire drill is a compulsory part of the training to become a fire protection assistant.

What is part of a firefighting exercise?

  • Presentation of the types of fire extinguishers
  • Practical fire extinguishing exercise on the Fire-Trainer
  • Presentation of various fire scenarios (such as fat explosion)

Who offers fire-fighting exercises?

Fire extinguishing drills are provided by fire protection companies with trained and certified trainers. They have the necessary expertise and equipment to conduct a realistic fire drill in the workplace.

CWS Fire Safety supports

As a full-service provider in preventive fire protection, CWS Fire Safety offers fire extinguishing training throughout Germany. This can take place either as part of the training to become a fire protection assistant or as part of fire protection instruction.

Good to know: Our trainers are certified according to DGUV. They are also often fire safety officers or group leaders in the fire brigade.

Praktische Feuerlöschübung im Betrieb von CWS Fire Safety

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