Other Fire control plans

Sprinkler, hydrant or hazard prevention plans: special plans strengthen the protection in your building and make the work of operatives easier in an emergency.

Other Fire control plans

Other Fire control plans


  • Support from CWS fire protection officer
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Check
  • Planning & Creation


  • Creation of the plan until the approval
  • Simple updating of special plans

Special plans for fire protection - advice, preparation & updating

Supplementary fire control plans increase the protection of employees, residents or visitors in your building, as an addition to classic safety graphics such as escape and rescue plans. In the event of a fire, they also support the work of the fire brigade by providing further detailed information about the building or existing fire protection equipment. These fire control plans also help to fulfil further requirements from legal regulations or the building permit.

The following fire protection plans are still available (excerpt):

  • Sprinkler plans
  • Smoke and heat extraction plans
  • Fire-fighting water retention plans
  • Waste water/pipeline plans
  • Hydrant plans

All-round carefree package: We first analyse your local conditions on site. Then our regional experts will draw up your supplementary fire control plans, considering the legal and regional requirements. For this purpose, we coordinate with the responsible authorities and obtain the approval for you. We also offer high quality frames for all fire control plans, escape route signs and emergency lighting in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7010, as well as a quick and easy service for subsequent updates of your fire protection plans.


  • Individual special plans for your needs
  • Regional experts throughout Germany

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