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Outdoor scraper mats

Outdoor scraper mats ensure clean shoe soles even before entry

Powerful against coarser dirt

Outdoor scraper mats are the first barrier against dirt and moisture and therefore very important for the protection of your indoor floor. The outdoor mat is placed outside at the entrance to stop dirt from entering the home. A dust control mat inside finishes the job. An outdoor scraper mat from CWS meets the following important requirements:

  • The outdoor mat is robust and weather-resistant (UV-resistant)
  • An outdoor mat is color stable and has a long lifespan
  • The outdoor mat absorbs a lot of moisture and is easy to clean

Keep dirt and moisture at bay

Outdoor mats with maximum scraping effect

We offer a selection of mats for covered outdoor areas. An outdoor mat is made of special material suitable for lying on the outside of the entrance. The mat is highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, heat and cold.

With maximum scraping (brushing) effect, our outdoor mats stop coarser dirt. Thus, coarse dirt and wetness are largely removed from the soles of shoes even before entry and a dust control mat inside can finish the job.

Why place the outdoor mat under a canopy?

An outdoor mat that is not under a canopy will immediately soak up water during a rainstorm, saturating it and preventing you from taking full advantage of it. A canopy ensures that the outdoor mat is long-lasting and effective in keeping dirt and moisture from entering the building.

Available outdoor mats

Scraper outdoor mat

No more dirty footprints in your entrance with the CWS scraper mat. What makes our scraper outdoor mats so unique is the extra scraping effect, thanks to the combination of hard fibers and soft nylon fibers.

This brushing effect ensures that even coarser dirt is removed from the sole of the shoe. Combined with a high absorbency of moisture, you simultaneously reduce the risk of slipping.


  • Scrapermat A - 85 x 150 cm
  • Scrapermat B - 115 x 200 cm
Outdoor mat scraper
Image: The outdoor scraper mat prevents dirt and moisture from entering the building.

We clean the outdoor mat for you

CWS mat service for a clean and safe floor

Thanks to our mat rental service, you will always have a well-functioning mat. To maintain dirt and moisture absorption, it is important that an outdoor mat is cleaned periodically.

Therefore, we come and change the used outdoor mat for a freshly cleaned one according to the agreed frequency. Sustainable cleaning takes place in our professional laundry. This way you don't have to worry about it yourself and your floor stay clean and safe.

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