Escape door lock: Protection against unauthorised use

Escape door locks protect an emergency exit from misuse. Learn more about firesafetys from CWS.

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14 November 2022 Fire Safety

Escape and rescue routes must be accessible at all times. They must not be blocked or locked. Escape and emergency exit doors are an important part of this. It must be possible to open escape doors and escape windows in the direction of escape at any time so that people can leave the building safely and quickly.

At the same time, emergency exit doors and escape windows must be protected against unauthorised use in order to prevent break-ins or sabotage in the building. Escape door security devices such as door monitors, door control units and escape door guards are suitable for this purpose.

>>> Variants of the escape door guard

Effective protection from unauthorised use

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It is advisable to protect fire protection and emergency exit doors against unauthorised use with escape door safety devices. This is also recommended by the fire brigade and professional associations. At the same time, escape door safety devices emit an alarm signal when an escape door is opened, so that other people in the building are warned in an emergency.

In practice, escape route safety devices are used in many buildings; escape route safety devices are very common in kindergartens, schools, restaurants, industrial plants and office buildings.

Functions of an escape door guard

First and foremost, an escape door security system protects against unauthorised use of emergency exit doors and escape windows. At the same time, escape route terminals offer the possibility to control authorised access. Thus, an escape door or emergency exit door can be used by authorised persons in both directions during operating hours by means of a key or transponder, timer or lock function. The time of door opening and automatic relocking can also be monitored or controlled.

In addition, escape door security devices with electrical control can be connected to the building technology, e.g. to a fire alarm system. In this way, fire protection and emergency exit doors are automatically emergency unlocked when the fire alarm system is triggered. In case of a false alarm and resetting of the fire alarm system, the door locks automatically.

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Variants of the escape door guard

There are different types of escape door locks that can be installed with or without electrical installation and can also be retrofitted. The choice of the right escape door locks depends on the building situation and the number of people escaping in an emergency.

Click on the individual escape door guards for more information:

Door guard

A door guard is installed below the door handle. In this way, the door handle cannot be used without triggering the door guard and, as a result, unauthorised use of an emergency exit door cannot occur inadvertently.

This form of escape door security is easy to retrofit, can be reset independently and has a mains-independent functionality by means of batteries.

Escape door cover

An escape door cover is mounted above the emergency exit handle. To use the door, it is necessary to knock it off. As a result, there is an automatic barrier to unauthorised use of the emergency exit door or window. Nevertheless, it can be removed easily and without injury in case of fire.

Escape route terminal

An escape route terminal enables unrestricted use of electrically locked escape route doors for authorised persons. In this way, the use of the door can be released for authorised persons and can be opened by anyone in an emergency via an emergency button. In addition, a door control unit can be coupled with other building or fire protection equipment, e.g. a fire alarm system.

Good to know: Electric door control units must be checked once a year by a competent person.

Installation & retrofitting of an escape door safety guard

An escape door safety device can be installed on single and double-leaf doors as well as retrofitted.

The CWS experts will be happy to advise you on the best escape door security system for your building. In doing so, we take into account possible specifications in accordance with state and special building regulations, the technical regulations for workplaces ASR A2.3 and DIN standards. Together we will ensure safe escape and rescue routes in your building. Request advice now.


Maintenance of electric escape door locks

Electrical escape door locks - such as escape route terminals and door control units - require recurring testing at least every twelve months in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. This is the only way to ensure that escape and rescue routes are perfectly accessible, because a defective electrical escape door locking device poses a considerable risk to people in the event of a fire.

Good to know: The test certificate of the escape door locks must be kept by the operator of the building and submitted to the building supervisory authority if required.

Contact our fire protection experts in your area for advice, installation and maintenance of your emergency exit devices.

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