Functional underwear for hot work, certified flame retardant

It's not visible, but it makes all the difference: special underwear. If you work in heat or where there is a risk of fire, certified flame retardant performance underwear reduces heat stress and protects against electric arcs.


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6 October 2023 Workwear

The first layer, next to the skin: underwear. Some prefer fine ribs, others fun designs or high-quality branded underwear. When it comes to workwear, the first layer of underwear can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and protection. We took a closer look at this for workplaces in the metalworking and metal trades.

Invisible workwear for protection and safety

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Many people spend a fortune on tailor-made suits. What is worn underneath, however, often leads a shadowy existence. When you consider that underwear is not only the first thing you put on every day, but that it touches your skin all the time, it is worth paying more attention to the subject. Not just for everyday wear, but especially for workwear.

Not always a good idea: cotton underwear

Many people like to wear cotton underwear. The popular natural fibre has a low allergy potential and is pleasantly soft against the skin. Unfortunately, cotton underwear is not a good choice for the layered look at work. It absorbs too much moisture and releases it very slowly. Your body will cool down quickly during breaks and you will feel cold. 

If you have a physically demanding outdoor job, highly breathable, temperature-regulating performance underwear is the best choice. Make sure they fit snugly against your body. On the other hand, if you work in areas where you are exposed to high levels of heat, such as in the metalworking or metal trades, you should wear special multinorm underwear.

Flame retardant base layers

Base Layer Workwear Longsleeve Underwear FR
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In workplaces that are particularly exposed to heat, special underwear is used that acts as a high-performance, flame-retardant base layer. This functional underwear is able to minimise heat stress for workers while maximising heat protection.

For the metalworking industry, CWS Workwear offers trousers and undershirts made from high-tech materials.

The function of this special underwear is matched to our heat and flame protective clothing and foundry clothing. In this way, the layering principle has a double function: regulating from the inside and protecting from the outside.

Sweat adé

The first layer of clothing worn next to the skin is designed to wick sweat away from the body. This prevents the body from cooling down during breaks and workers from catching a cold. The base layer is therefore made from materials that have good moisture-wicking properties, such as polyester or wool. Functional workwear only works if the garments and layers are combined correctly. Only if you understand how each layer works will the system work and not be rendered ineffective at the base, for example by cotton underwear.

Our tip: Even when it comes to functional underwear, always look for materials that are kind to the skin, non-allergenic and elastic, as well as a good fit. Underwear should hug your body perfectly. Seams should be flat and not chafe. Raglan sleeves are recommended for waistcoats. This prevents the shirt from slipping out of the trousers when working overhead. 

The best underwear will make you forget you are wearing any underwear at all. Underwear should be soft and almost imperceptible against the skin, with seams that do not pinch and a waistband that is neither too tight nor too loose.