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Hygiene in recreation

Ready for the new recreational season of 2023? Hygiene and sanitation are under a magnifying glass and guests have written a bad review in no time. Read our tips!

The guests are coming!

Yes! The new recreational season is about to start. After the winter and months of grey weather, many people are itching to get back out there and you can start receiving guests again. These guests are of course alert to (sanitary) hygiene. "Can I go here with peace of mind?" It's time to check if hygiene in recreation is well organized!

Whether it's campsites, day recreation or trips and attractions such as amusement parks, zoos and museums; hygiene plays an important role in the overall experience of your guests.

Hygiene in recreation has priority

Meet the higher demands of guests

The demands of visitors are higher than ever. Where a washroom or toilet might not have been optimally clean before, it may now mean, "I might get sick here". The last thing you want is to form a source of contamination on your premises.

What are the sanitary facilities like?

When choosing an accommodation, people orient themselves through sites as Zoover or Tripadvisor. More often than you think, the general hygiene and "the state of the sanitary facilities" come up as criteria, which can have a big impact on the overall rating.

At CWS, we work on hygiene every day. We visit more than 250,000 addresses in Europe, making us a very large sanitary hygiene specialist. Below we offer three tips for good hygiene in recreation.


You take care of your guests, we facilitate the hygiene. Three tips:

1. Leave it to the experts

You want to be engaged with your guests, so let an expert take care of the hygiene. At CWS you don't buy vending machines or dispensers, but you receive a total service. This means that we take care of the installation, maintenance and consumables. This saves you time and prevents stress.

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2. Make it easy and attractive

Attractiepark dame met suikerspin

The more attractive a washroom and sanitary facilities are, the better your guests will wash their hands. Choose beautiful robust dispensers, a soap with a nice fragrance and, for example, foam soap that feels even more pleasant and saves soap and water at the same time.

Or how about Non Touch? Non-contact dispensers that you do not have to touch at all for better hygiene in the recreation.

The best user experience for your guests

Did you know that you can optimize your cleaning and maintenance rounds with our smart IoT solution smartMate? By using a dashboard or app to keep track of consumption in your sanitation facilities through real-time data, you can focus precisely on the spot that needs attention at that moment.

You know exactly how many people have visited a restroom and where you need to refill soap, toilet paper or towels. A great solution in busy times, ensuring that your guests never miss out again and have the best user experience!

3. Drying hands is just as important as washing them

Attractie met water in een pretpark

Did you know that wet hands spread up to a thousand times more bacteria than dry hands? So drying your hands is just as important as washing your hands with soap. Good drying facilities are an important part of hygiene in recreation.

Paper or cotton

In the recreational sector, a paper towel dispenser is often chosen. Consider also the alternative: a towel dispenser with cotton. 100% hygienic, sustainable and economical.

In addition, this prevents paper from being left lying around and eliminates the need to place waste bins in the washroom. Saves the cleaners some work, too!


Hygiene under a magnifying glass

Avoid complaints and bad reviews about the sanitary facilities

Corona, thankfully, seems to be a thing of the past, so nothing can get in the way of a successful recreational season. However, bad reviews on the Internet can put a damper on things. Research shows that guests stay away when reviews are bad. Often hygiene plays an important role in this.

We're out of toilet paper!

When there is no proper or timely cleaning and the sanitary facilities are untidy or malfunctioning, guests soon feel uncomfortable and are more likely not to return.

Continuous availability of toilet paper, soap and hand drying is a must, because during the busy summer months you don't want to run out. CWS is happy to help you provide this.

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