Pillar hydrant

Pillar hydrants quickly supply the fire brigade with extinguishing water.

Pillar hydrant

Pillar hydrant


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Instruction / Training
  • Support from CWS fire protection officer


  • Pillar hydrants are easy to find and quickly ready for operation in the event of a fire
  • They support the fire brigade in case of emergency with a fast and sufficient supply of extinguishing water

Above-ground hydrant - advice, installation & maintenance

An above-ground hydrant is a permanently installed above-ground fitting for the extraction of fire-fighting water. The surface hydrant has several outlets (A, B or C) based on several couplings and is only used by the fire brigade. CWS offers different variants of above-ground hydrants, e.g. with or without predetermined breaking point and drop-jacket hydrant (nominal diameters DN 80 and DN 100, component operating pressure 16 bar).

Pillar hydrants are available with the following connections:

  • Flange connection
  • Sleeve connection
  • Tip end connection

Operation of above-ground hydrants

When installing and operating above-ground hydrants, the regulations of DIN 14462 and the Drinking Water Ordinance apply. Direct connection to the drinking water installation is not permitted in every case.  In addition, maintenance of the surface hydrant by a competent person is required at least once a year.

All-round carefree package: CWS Fire Safety offers you an all-round carefree package, i.e. installation, acceptance and maintenance of the above-ground hydrants. With a maintenance contract from CWS, we automatically take care of the necessary maintenance - so the deadlines are not forgotten.

We will be happy to advise you on all questions relating to drinking water protection in connection with above-ground hydrants. Contact us now.


  • Access above ground
  • Various connections

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