Electrical smoke and heat extraction system

Whether in a production or warehouse: electric smoke extraction systems ensure smoke-free escape routes and can be used in parallel with daily ventilation.

Electrical smoke and heat extraction system

Electrical smoke and heat extraction system


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Support from CWS fire protection officer


  • Integrated backup power supply for 72 hours

Electric smoke extraction system - advice, installation & maintenance

In the event of a fire, electrical smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEVS or RWA) automatically extract smoke and heat through motoric exhaust air openings. Escape and rescue routes remain smoke-free, the building fabric remains stable due to a reduced fire load, and the fire brigade can work more efficiently. Consequently, smoke and heat extraction systems effectively contribute to the protection of people and property.

Smoke extraction systems are used in particular in stairwells, assembly rooms and production or storage halls where smoke extraction is required.

An electric smoke and heat extraction system has a central control system with an integrated backup power supply to ensure operation even in the event of a power failure. The exhaust air openings (skylight dome or window) are opened by a motorised drive, which is triggered by connected smoke detectors and manual switches (also push-button detectors).

A distinction is made between two types of smoke extraction systems:

  1. Natural smoke ventilation (NRA systems): Here, the smoke is removed by the physical, thermal flow principle. Exhaust air openings (NSHEV) in the roof or façade, as well as a supply air opening for airflow, are used for this purpose.
  2. Mechanical smoke extraction (MRA systems): In this system, the smoke is extracted by electrically operated fans. For this purpose, exhaust air units are installed on the roof as well as a supply air opening for the airflow in the building.

Please note: Annual maintenance of smoke and heat extraction systems by a competent person is mandatory to guarantee the functionality. We recommend shorter intervals in dusty operating areas. In addition, according to the German PrüfVO, an inspection performed by an inspection expert is recommended once every 3-6 years (depending on the federal state).

We would be happy to support you with the all-round carefree package from CWS: We analyse the local conditions, plan and install electrical smoke and heat ventilation systems. Also, we will take over the regular maintenance of your smoke extraction system for you.


  • Used for daily ventilation via corresponding buttons
  • Automatic ventilation control by time settings or via wind and rain control

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