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3 February 2023 Fire Safety

Fire doors are mandatory in many buildings to prevent the spread of fire and to keep escape routes clear. At the same time, there is often a requirement for fire doors to blend in well with the architecture of a building so that aesthetics and fire protection are equally guaranteed.

Learn more about how modern custom-made fire doors enable safety without compromising on the building's appearance.

Custom-made fire door

The legal requirements and the fire protection concept determine the places in a building where a fire door with standard or special dimensions must be installed. However, fire protection does not (any longer) mean that compromises in architectural planning are necessary.

Maximum safety and modern design

There is now a wide portfolio of fire doors on the market with standard and special dimensions as well as various surfaces, colours (according to RAL) and frames. At the same time, special designs with side panels, skylights or glass inserts are possible. Consequently, fire doors are often visually indistinguishable from "normal" doors. This means that there are only a few restrictions for architects when it comes to interior design.

We will be happy to submit you an offer for a custom-made fire door. Contact u now.

Brandschutztür Sondermaß - Brandschutztür Standardmaß von CWS

Modern fire doors from CWS

Brandschutztür modern - Brandschutztür nach Maß von CWS

CWS offers a wide range of modern fire doors in standard or special sizes. With various designs and decors, these offer architects and planners a wide range of options for the design of fire protection closures in interior and exterior areas.

Light-flooded rooms with a friendly atmosphere can easily be realised with glazed fire doors, for example. A simple and elegant style can be realised with modern fire doors made of stainless steel. Furthermore, we can complement modern fire doors with glazed skylights or side panels to create a unique room appearance. In addition, a combination of fire, smoke, burglary and sound protection is possible with many beautiful fire doors for more comfort.

Fire door - Modern & custom-made by CWS:

  •  T30, T60, T90 etc.
  • Single or double-winged
  • Various materials & decors
  • Combination of fire, burglary and noise protection
  • Installation in cement, brickwork, drywalls etc. possible

We plan, install and maintain custom-made fire doors from renowned manufacturers. Arrange a consultation appointment now.

Your expert for customised fire doors

Are you looking for a modern & beautiful custom-made fire door?

Our portfolio includes modern fire doors for every building that meet fire protection and visual requirements in equal measure.

Increase not only the building safety with modern fire protection doors, but also set design accents with high-quality and beautiful fire protection doors from CWS.

We advise you on optimal fire doors with standard or special dimensions for your building, so that you do not have to compromise on architectural design. To this end, we are at your side as experts in all project phases - planning, installation and maintenance. Request advice now.


Moderne Brandschutztür nach Maß - Brandschutztür Design-Auswahl

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