Extinguish sustainably with water mist

Water mist enables fires to be extinguished quickly and sustainably.

Nachhaltig löschen mit Wassernebel - Wassernebelsystem von CWS

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16 February 2023 Fire Safety

Water mist is a versatile and very efficient variant for fire fighting. For this purpose, water mist systems are equipped with special nozzles that generate a very fine water mist.

Thus, a water mist extinguishing system enables a:

  • increased water surface, which is 1600 times larger than with classic sprinkler systems
  • effective fire containment
  • rapid cooling and smothering of the fire with low extinguishing water requirements

Water mist thus fights fires on two sides of the combustion triangle by depriving the fire of oxygen and absorbing the heat.

Water mist systems - Sustainable & effective

Water mist extinguishing systems have the advantage that significantly smaller quantities of extinguishing water - and thus also a smaller supply of extinguishing water - are required. Savings of sixty to eighty percent can be achieved compared to classic sprinkler systems.

At the same time, there is also less damage to the extinguishing water after the water mist extinguishing system has been triggered in the building. Consequently, long disruptions or interruptions to business operations can also be minimised. In addition, the use of water mist is non-toxic and water mist systems do not require warning and evacuation times compared to gas extinguishing systems.

A water mist extinguishing system is the most environmentally friendly solution among extinguishing systems! Request advice now.

Wassernebelsysteme - nachhaltig & effektiv

Water mist - versatile in use

Wassernebel – vielseitig einsetzbar

Fire extinguishing with water mist is suitable for many application and protection areas. A water mist extinguishing system can be individually adapted to the specific conditions on site with the help of different system parameters (e.g. nozzles) for each part of the building or hazardous area.

Possible areas of application for water mist:

  • Industrial plants
  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Data centres
  • Listed buildings

CWS Fire Safety analyses the conditions on site and then plans and installs the optimum water mist system in your building. Contact us now.


Water mist extinguishing system from CWS

Together with our cooperation partner VID Fire-Kill, we plan and install low-pressure water mist extinguishing systems in accordance with EN 14972-1:2020. Our systems have been successfully tested in various fire trials.

CWS water mist system at a glance:

  • Operating pressure: 8 - 16 bar
  • Open nozzles or thermal triggering elements
  • Small system components
  • Innovative nozzles in various designs
  • According to DIN EN 14972-1:2020

Do you still have questions about safe and sustainable fire fighting with low-pressure water mist?
Our experts will be happy to advise you without obligation regarding a water mist system for your building. Contact us now.


Wassernebelsystem von CWS - Wassernebel Düsen von CWS

Advantages of water mist

Wassernebel Vorteile - Umweltfreundlich

Environmentally friendly
A water saving of 60 - 80 % distinguishes water mist compared to sprinkler systems.

Wassernebel Vorteile - Kosteneffizienz

Cost efficiency
Small system components enable quick installation, saving you time & money.

Wassernebel Vorteile - Weniger Betriebsunterbrechungen

Fewer operational interruptions
The water mist system is quickly ready for operation again and is non-toxic.

Wassernebel Vorteile - Ästhetischer Brandschutz

Aesthetic fire protection
Nozzles in various colours and designs enable fire protection without compromising aesthetics.

More safety with water mist

A water mist system increases the safety in your building immensely. At the same time, our system also enables a safe escape route in case of fire.

Our low-pressure water mist extinguishing system can be installed as compensation for a second escape and rescue route. This is particularly relevant for existing buildings that require a second escape and rescue route, e.g. in the course of a subsequent creation of living space. A water mist extinguishing system is an adequate solution that has already been approved by the authorities for urban development and housing in a German city with over a million inhabitants.

Further information on water mist systems as an alternative to a second escape and rescue route can be found here.


Wassernebellöschsystem - CWS Fire Safety

Nachhaltig löschen mit Wassernebel

Request advice now on the CWS water mist system.

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