Extinguishing metal fires, but how?

We show you how to extinguish metal fires successfully.

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5 February 2024 Fire Safety

The ignition temperatures of metals such as aluminum, lithium, titanium, sodium or magnesium are relatively high at more than 500°C. A metal fire is therefore rare, but if it does occur, fighting it is complex. Accordingly, a metal fire is one of the most challenging fires, as conventional extinguishing agents (e.g. water) are ineffective or even lead to dangerous oxyhydrogen explosions. The reason for this is that the temperatures are immensely high at more than 2,000 °C. As a result, water would split into hydrogen and oxygen in the course of firefighting.

Remember: Water must not be used as an extinguishing agent for a metal fire! Foam or CO2 extinguishers are also not recommended.

Extinguishing metal fires - the right way!

Metal fires should be extinguished with special metal fire extinguishers. They have been developed for fire class D, i.e. fires involving titanium, aluminum or magnesium, and contain a special extinguishing powder. This prevents the chemical reaction in the event of a metal fire.

Good to know: Sand or cement powder, which is often used by the fire department, has a similar effect.

The special fire extinguishers for metal fires are therefore mandatory in companies with a high risk. These include, for example, the

  • Metal processing industry
  • Aviation industry (especially when using magnesium alloys)
  • Automotive industry
  • Research facilities
  • Electronics production
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