Extinguishing powder becomes fertiliser

Sustainability in fire protection: Powder fire extinguishers that are no longer used get a new chance.

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21 September 2021 Fire Safety

Reuse extinguishing agents sustainably

We want to contribute to a healthier and better future with our solutions. Sustainability plays a particularly important role for us. In fire protection, too, we try to implement our value chain according to the guiding principle of "Think Circular". We are already successfully implementing this with fire extinguishers filled with ABC powder.

Fire extinguisher circuit

The ABC powder in a fire extinguisher is checked at every fire extinguisher maintenance. It must not be damp or lumpy, only if it is supple, clean and dry can the functioning of the extinguishing powder be ensured and the extinguishing powder can continue to be used. However, after 20 - 25 years at the latest, the fire extinguisher and thus also the ABC powder must be taken out of circulation and disposed of (manufacturer's specifications). Therefore, we have deliberately chosen a sustainable disposal method where the fire extinguisher itself as well as the extinguishing powder can be reintroduced into the cycle in the best possible way. For this purpose, we work together with a specialised company that has specialised in the sustainable recycling of fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing technology. The fire extinguishers are completely dismantled. Due to a special process, up to 100 % of the fire extinguisher can be recycled. These are added to the steel industry as raw material, for example.

Powder extinguishing agent becomes fertiliser

The ABC extinguishing powder is treated and processed in a special facility and can thus be used, for example, as an approved NPK fertiliser for agriculture. NPK fertiliser contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The small fertiliser pellets give plants all the nutrients they need to continue growing.

The waste management company recycles about 2,500 fire extinguishers a day. This results in about 5,000 - 6,000 tonnes of marketable fertiliser per year from the powder extinguishers. Fire extinguishers that we dispose of are also recycled and returned to the economic cycle in line with the guiding principle of "Think Circular".

Maisfeld mit aufbereitetem Löschpulver als Dünger

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