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20 February 2024 Fire Safety

Fire protection doors are crucial elements when it comes to the safety of buildings.

They are used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through large wall openings in the event of a fire, thereby protecting human life. To ensure that these vital doors always function perfectly, regular maintenance of fire doors is essential.

Maintenance of fire protection doors

In accordance with legal regulations, every fire door must undergo a safety inspection and maintenance by an expert at least every 12 months. Fire door maintenance not only ensures safety, but also the durability and reliability of the doors.

Regular maintenance of fire protection doors is required:

  • DIN 14677
  • ASR A1.7
  • DGUV
  • DIBt guidelines
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Fire door maintenance

Step by step

The maintenance of fire protection doors is divided into the following steps:

Visual inspection:

Checking the fire doors for external damage, wear or deformation.

Function test:

Test the automatic and manual functions of the fire door to ensure that it opens and closes properly.

Testing the locking systems:

Check the locking mechanisms to ensure that the door is securely locked when closed.

Check the seals:

Check the seals to ensure that they are intact and provide effective smoke and fire protection when closed.

Checking the control unit:

Test the control unit and safety devices to ensure that they are working properly.

UVV test:

The UVV inspection of fire protection doors ensures that the door complies with safety standards and poses no danger to people in the event of an emergency.

Lubrication and care:

Lubrication of moving parts to reduce friction and extend the service life of the door.


Logging of all maintenance and test steps carried out for legal verification and traceability.

Important: Wedging is prohibited

Fire doors must not be wedged or kept open. They must always be self-closing so that they can close automatically in the event of a fire. This means that deliberately keeping them open is negligent from a legal perspective and therefore even punishable by law.

You can find more information on this topic in the news article "Wedging a fire door or gate: Not a good idea!".

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CWS Fire Safety supports

Brandschutztore-Prüfung-vom Profi-CWS Fire Safety

We provide you with experts throughout Germany for the maintenance of your fire doors. They carry out maintenance and repairs in accordance with DIN for fire protection doors from various manufacturers.

Good to know: Our service technicians are continuously trained by various manufacturers and in our own training center. This means they have the necessary qualifications and expertise.

Make an appointment now for the maintenance of your fire doors.

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