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26 May 2023 Fire Safety

Technical fire protection includes technical equipment to ensure the protection of persons and property in the building (preventive and operational). First of all, they should prevent a fire. If a fire does occur, they should detect and fight the fire at an early stage.

Technical fire protection: What is involved?

Fire alarm, smoke extraction and extinguishing systems are among the most important systems in technical fire protection.

A fire alarm system detects a fire so that the fire brigade and other persons present are automatically alerted at an early stage. It also triggers other technical fire protection systems, e.g. extinguishing systems or smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEVS). A smoke and heat extraction system systematically removes dangerous fire gases from the building so that escape and rescue routes remain smoke-free. In contrast, extinguishing systems such as water mist or sprinkler systems prevent the further spread of fire in the building.

Overview of technical fire protection

  • Hazard detection systems (incl. fire alarm system)
  • Smoke and heat extraction systems
  • Automatic extinguishing systems
  • Fire doors, gates and curtains
  • Hold-open systems
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Safety lighting
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Regular maintenance is mandatory.

Technischer Brandschutz von CWS Fire Safety-Regelmäßige Wartung ist Pflicht.

Technical fire protection requires regular maintenance and inspection by competent persons to ensure continuous operational capability.

For example, annual maintenance of extinguishing systems, fire alarm systems or fire doors is required. Our maintenance overview gives you a detailed overview of the respective maintenance intervals for technical fire protection systems.

Do you need support with the maintenance of your systems?
Contact our experts. We maintain systems in technical fire protection and safety technology throughout Germany.

Technical fire protection: Who is responsible for what?

Technical fire protection systems are usually part of the fire protection concept. In addition, the requirements for technical fire protection systems are regulated in various standards and regulations - including various DIN standards, the AS R or the BetrSichV.

Operators have a duty!

In principle, the operator of the building or the management of a company is responsible for the implementation and regular inspection of the fire protection measures in the company. You can be supported in this by fire protection officers and experts.

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Holistic building security

Technischer Brandschutz von CWS Fire Safety-Ganzheitliche Gebäudesicherheit

Technical fire protection is only one pillar of preventive fire protection. Holistic building safety also requires structural and organisational fire protection measures.

In contrast to technical fire protection, structural fire protection includes precautions to prevent the spread of fire via lines, cables and pipes. Accordingly, structural fire protection measures must be taken into account both in the planning and construction phase and during the renovation of a building. Meanwhile, organisational fire protection focuses on the operational organisation - and thus also on the correct behaviour in case of fire.

We support you in all areas!

CWS Fire Safety is active as a full service provider in preventive fire protection. We offer you an all-round service in structural, organisational and technical fire protection.

Contact our experts. We support you nationwide with regional contacts.

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