Why every toilet should have a CWS Tampon and Pad Dispenser

6 reasons why access to period products is a necessity, not a luxury  

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22 May 2024 Hygiene

Have you ever found yourself in a public restroom, reached into your purse, and realized you forgot your menstrual hygiene products? It's not just inconvenient, it can be downright stressful. This is where having a CWS Tampon and/or Pad Dispenser in every toilet comes in.   

The CWS Tampon dispenser and the CWS Combi Tampon and Pad dispenser provide free menstruation hygiene products. We give you 6 reasons why this should be the norm everywhere, just like free toilet paper, soap or towels. 

Immediate relief in emergency situations  

We can all imagine (or have experienced) the panic that sets in when menstruation starts unexpectedly and you're without your trusty tampons or pads. Having a tampon dispenser readily available in washrooms provides immediate relief in these emergency situations. It's about providing a safety net so that everyone who menstruates can go about their day without interruption.  

Menstrual Hygiene Relief
Menstruational Hygiene

Promoting hygiene during menstruation 

Access to free tampons and sanitary pads isn't just about convenience; it's about promoting basic menstrual hygiene. Without proper menstrual hygiene products, individuals are forced to improvise, which can lead to health risks. Dispensers in washrooms encourage proper hygiene practices, keeping everyone healthier.  

A step towards gender equality  

By providing free tampons and pads in sanitary facilities, we're recognizing that access to menstrual hygiene products is a basic right, not a privilege. This move can be an important step towards gender equality, ensuring that menstrual products are as accessible and freely available as toilet paper. It's about removing barriers and ensuring that menstruation does not prevent anyone from participating fully in society.  

Menstrual Hygiene Equality
Menstrual Hygiene Financial

Reducing the financial burden  

Did you know that someone who menstruates spends up to EUR 6000 on menstrual products in their life? That is not just pocket change. By providing free tampons and pads, we're taking a financial burden off the shoulders of people who are menstruating, especially those in financial need or students on a tight budget. It's a form of support that goes beyond convenience.  

Normalizing menstruation  

One of the most important benefits of having a CWS Tampon and Pad Dispenser in every bathroom is the role it plays in normalizing menstruation. By openly acknowledging and accommodating menstrual needs in public spaces, we're helping to break down the taboos and stigma associated with menstruation. It sends the message that menstruation is a normal bodily function, not something to be hidden or embarrassed about.  

Menstrual Hygiene Normalizing
Menstrual Hygiene Sustainability

Environmental impact  

When you choose a CWS tampon and pad dispenser, we can provide you with sustainable menstrual products. This has a positive impact on the environment. By providing access to eco-friendly menstrual products, we're encouraging individuals to make greener choices and reducing the overall environmental footprint of menstrual products.  

Bottom line  

Having a pad and tampon dispenser in every washroom is more than a convenience; it's a necessity. It promotes hygiene, supports gender equality, reduces financial burdens, normalizes menstruation, and can even have a positive impact on the environment. It's time to recognize that access to free tampons and pads is a basic need, as essential as soap and toilet paper. Let's make menstrual hygiene products free and take another step towards a more inclusive, supportive and equal society. 

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