Act sustainably in the washroom with single-use towels made of cotton

The cotton towel roll saves resources, reduces the amount of waste and contributes to health prevention.

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25 May 2021 Hygiene

Up to 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted via the hands. This makes hand hygiene all the more important, especially in times of a pandemic. What many people do not know: In addition to thorough soaping and rinsing, it is also important to dry your hands properly. This is because bacteria and germs multiply more quickly in a humid and warm climate. As a result, wet hands can transmit up to 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.

To enable hygienic hand drying, companies and other operators of public washrooms provide clean single-use towels. Yet single-use does not have to be disposable, because the cotton towel roll from the dispenser also provides every visitor with a fresh, unused towel section. Inside the dispenser, the clean and used sections of the cotton towel roll are separated from each other. This makes the use of the cotton towel roll just as hygienic as the use of single-use towels made of paper.

The pleasant feel and the sustainability also speak in favour of the cotton towel roll: each CWS cotton towel roll can be reprocessed up to 100 times in the laundries. During its entire service life, a single cotton towel roll replaces around 20,000 paper towels - and thus reduces not only the consumption of resources but also the volume of waste. If a towel roll can no longer be recycled, it is reprocessed in the spirit of sustainability - for example into cleaning rags. And the dispensers are also kept in circulation as long as possible.