A clean solution: How to make dust control mats more sustainable

Sustainable and resource-efficient: To minimise environmental impact, CWS participates in the European research project CISUFLO (Circular Sustainable Floor Coverings).

CWS GreenMat in schwarz aus mehr als 10 recycelten 0,5 l PET-Flaschen!

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15 September 2022

Sustainable materials and recycling concepts play an important role in the production cycles of CWS. The use of raw materials that have been produced sustainably also plays a major role. The CWS GreenMats launched in 2021, for example, are made of recycled polyester, are extremely durable and dry up to 25 per cent faster, which in turn reduces energy consumption - and thus protects the climate. This is a good start, but in terms of sustainability, CWS wants to achieve even more.

Sustainable mats – but how?

Mats made by CWS that have reached the end of their lifespan are currently incinerated. This is because the different materials of a dust control mat – rubber, nylon or polyester, for example – cannot be separated from each other. It is therefore impossible to feed them into the recycling loop.  To change this, CWS is currently working on making floor covering materials recyclable as part of the European research project CISUFLO (Circular Sustainable Floor Covering). The declared goal of the EU-funded CISUFLO project is to completely close the recycling loop for floor coverings. For example, old mats that have been discarded could be recycled directly into new ones.

Keeping materials in circulation as long as possible

The project is so important because there is currently no floor covering on the market that can be properly recycled. In addition to the European Floor Coverings Associatio (EuFCA), various research institutes, universities and organizations are involved. As a service provider for dust control mats, CWS plays a particular role. “We use our years of experience to evaluate the feasibility of the ideas formulated in the project at the development stage”, explains Daniel Oberle, Floor Care Product Manager at CWS. “We are also the ones who test the new recycled mats on the market for their practicality. In terms of sustainability, we are naturally very interested in making our mats as recycling-friendly as possible. This way, we can keep the base materials in circulation - even after the mats have been discarded.”


Read more about how CWS is already creating a healthier and safer world for future generations in the latest CWS Sustainability Report.

Enkelfähig and Think Circular – CWS’ Sustainability approach

At CWS, we act enkelfähig. As part of our parent company Haniel's enkelfähig initiative, our circular business model contributes to a healthier and safer future.  At CWS, we transfer Enkelfähigkeit into our overarching sustainability strategy Think Circular and create value for generations by linking economic success to value-oriented action. For us, sustainability and profitability are closely linked. We do business in a way that is generation-friendly and thus enkelfähig. For a healthier and safer tomorrow. Starting today.