CWS Sustainability approach on Hessischer Rundfunk

Dr. Maren Otte talks to hr-iNFO Wissenschaft Podcast about CWS’ Sustaibability Strategy and why serviced renting models are sustainable.

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CWS is a member of the Network for Sustainable Management or B.A.U.M.. This network works with German companies that want to promote and expand their special commitment to sustainable business practices in their companies. Driven by the current flood situation in large parts of Germany, the topic of climate protection and dealing with the climate crisis is more topical and tangible than ever. In the hr-iNFO Wissenschaft Podcast, Alexander Schmitt looks at two Hessian companies and their sustainable efforts and talks to the founder of B.A.U.M Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege about an overall assessment of the topic.

You can listen to the podcast here and find it with every Podcastprovider.

Please note: The interview and the podcast are only available in German.