Fire protection housing for safety-relevant systems

Fire protection housings protect safety-relevant systems so that they still function in the event of a fire.

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2 August 2021 Fire Safety

Electricity is the number one cause of fire. A fire in electrical systems can be triggered by various things, such as short circuits, loose terminals, overloads or insulation faults. Fire protection housings (also known as fire protection enclosures) offer good protection so that such an electrical fire cannot spread quickly or safety-relevant systems remain protected for as long as possible.

In every building such as an office, school or industrial building, there are electrical distribution systems for power supply, ventilation systems or elevators. A cable fire, for example, can pose a risk to the entire building. Fire protection housings keep smoke and fire away for at least 30 minutes or 90 minutes so that people present can get to safety.

Protection in the event of a fire

The fire protection housing helps with two types of fire outbreaks:

  • Danger from inside: In the event of a fire inside the fire protection housing, for example in a control cabinet, the escape of the fire into the room or the spread of smoke and fire in the building is prevented for 30 minutes or 90 minutes.
  • External danger: In the event of a fire outside the fire protection housing, for example in a room where safety-relevant systems are also installed, these safety-relevant systems can be protected for as long as possible by the fire protection housing. A built-in fire alarm center can, for example, alert the fire brigade, warn the people present or control other fire protection devices such as extinguishing systems.

Operators are responsible

Operators of such safety-relevant systems are responsible for ensuring that the electrical systems are regularly checked, maintained and, if necessary, retrofitted with fire protection housings.

Protect safety-relevant systems with fire protection enclosures

Fire protection housings are used wherever there are safety-relevant systems and central units. This can be the same in offices, industrial buildings and parking garages, as well as in residential buildings, schools or hospitals.

Fire protection housings are checked separately, only approved systems secure the electrical systems and prevent rapid spread. The material of fire protection housings is particularly robust:

  • Surface coating of building material class "A2", thus non-flammable and smoke-tight
  • Fire resistance F30 and F90 according to DIN 4102 (fire behavior of building materials and components)
  • Function maintenance for 30 min. Or 90 min.
  • Wall mounting or standing mounting possible

Fire protection housings can be retrofitted without any problems, should this be necessary due to a renovation or change in use. CWS professionally installs fire protection enclosures. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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