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15 February 2022 Hygiene

Since the Corona pandemic, we all know what we mean by "vulnerable people." People who, for example, are particularly at risk of becoming seriously ill from a virus because of their age. These people also need special protection through appropriate hygiene measures. 

Employees in care facilities have known this for a long time, and even before Corona they were aware of certain viruses that can be dangerous for the people due to their age, such as Noro virus. Such viruses spread quickly, especially in care facilities, because many people live together, the immune systems of older people are weaker - and because the pathogens survive for several days on surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails or chair backs and remain infectious. 

Proper hand hygiene 

Proper hand washing and drying therefore play an important role in breaking chains of infection. Wet hands - as opposed to dry hands - can transmit up to 1,000 times more bacteria. Yet many people do not dry their hands properly or at all. The positive effect of hand washing is thus partially or completely gone. 

For employees in care facilities, hygiene is particularly important to protect the people living with them, even apart from the current pandemic. This applies to personal hand hygiene as well as the hygienic cleaning of rooms and the RKI-compliant reprocessing of textiles. At the same time, especially during the Corona pandemic, management and staff in care facilities have to deal with a constant stream of new regulations on testing, visiting arrangements, quarantine, vaccinations, etc. And neither the concern for adequate hygiene nor the implementation of regulations should push the care and nurturing of the residents and/or patients into the background.

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CWS PureLine

It can help to have the right service provider with intuitive, durable products and carefree full service at your side. With the holistic and sustainable service concept from CWS, there are also safe hygiene solutions that fit in very well for care facilities. The new CWS PureLine, for example, offers soap and towel dispensers that are optionally equipped with sensor technology or designed as a push system - both of which can be used intuitively and are thus also ideally suited for people with limited mobility. In addition, dispensers with sensor technology reduce contact with potentially "contaminated" surfaces and thus ensure even greater hygiene. 

You can find more information about PureLine here or contact us directly. We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the right hygiene solution for you! 


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