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Everything you want to know on hygiene: Our top 5 articles of 2022

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30 December 2022 Hygiene

2022 was an eventful year, including in the field of Hygiene. The Covid pandemic peaked, and hand hygiene was a hotter topic than ever. Washing hands, disinfecting hands and drying hands became even more important than before, to avoid infecting yourself and those around you. The use of the more hygienic non-touch dispensers became increasingly popular. 

The global crisis caused raw material prices to rise and paper also became a lot more expensive. People noticed this at home, through toilet paper scarcity, for example. But even where paper towel dispensers are used, it has been felt that the products have become more expensive. However, we wouldn't be CWS if we didn't have an attractive alternative to that: namely, the cotton towel roll, a hygienic, sustainable choice that's also good for your wallet.

To look back on the past year, we have listed the 5 most popular blog posts for you. Enjoy reading and hopefully see you again in 2023! 

The importance of washing your hands

The importance of washing your hands should be obvious by now: you protect yourself and others from contracting infections such as colds, the flu or Covid. As many as 80% of all infections are caused by poor hand washing. So, the way you wash your hands can make an enormous difference. Here we tell you all about the ins and outs of (proper) hand washing. 

Handen wassen met zeep en water

Automatic disinfection dispensers: Great contribution to infection control?

What if washing your hands is not possible? In those situations, it makes sense to disinfect your hands, because in most cases infections are passed on through the hands. Disinfection dispensers that require touching can be less hygienic: there may be bacteria on the dispenser that can get on your hands. Therefore, it makes sense to use automatic non-touch disinfection dispensers. This way you achieve an optimal level of hygiene. 


Paper prices are rising, choose cotton!

As we have heard over the past year, the paper prices were subject to a big increase. Demand went up and raw material prices and energy costs were higher. Therefore, we make it possible to switch to the cotton towel roll dispenser: Hygienic, cost-effective, and sustainable. In this article we highlight the advantages of the cotton towel roll for you. 


From the home office back to the office - but safely

Last year was not only one of sharpened hygiene rules, but also one of loosening those rules. Many people returned to the office after a lengthy period of working from home. Great to finally see your colleagues again, of course. But for employers an extra challenge: How do you ensure that the hygiene conditions for your visitors and employees are optimal? We can tell you all about that. 

People working in a clean and bright office

Why hand drying is just as important as hand washing

That washing and disinfecting your hands can contribute to your health in a positive way, you probably know by now. But did you know that drying your hands plays an equally vital role? If you do not dry your hands after washing them or do not dry them properly, you may even undo the entire hand washing session! How about that? 

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