CWS digitises the washroom – IoT features now available for the PureLine


· With the new IoT solution "smartMate", washroom operators can sustainably and proactively fill and maintain dispensers.

· smartMate enables mobile insight into the filling stages of consumables and ensures functionality.


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17 April 2023 Hygiene

Duisburg/Dreieich, 17. April 2023 – As a leading provider of washroom solutions, CWS is working on the development of the washroom of the future. The latest innovation: an IoT-based solution for the PureLine washroom series that makes washroom maintenance more efficient and thus ensures greater comfort and hygiene – both for users and washroom operators.

Trendsetting technology

The new IoT solution called smartMate enables building operators to monitor and maintain washrooms with PureLine dispensers in real time. Through smartMate's web portal, customers receive information and data analytics that help them anticipate peak times and avoid empty dispensers. A location display of affected dispensers helps them target the appropriate washroom.

With the smartMate app, customers can access real-time information on the go. This includes battery status, consumables status and online status. The corresponding web portal also enables comprehensive data analysis. Using statistics such as the total number of portions dispensed and the number of refills, smartMate identifies peak times and demonstrates them in the user-friendly dashboard. This results in faster response time for planning and better inventory management.

The smartMate solution from CWS is based on the latest IoT technology (= Internet of Things), which connects physical objects such as soap dispensers, towel dispensers and toilet paper holders with sensors and software via the Internet. In this way, data can be exchanged with other devices and systems. For CWS PureLine, being equipped with IoT solutions means improving the efficiency and hygiene of washrooms and ultimately optimizing the user experience.

Smart for more sustainability

smartMate is intuitive and sustainable: customers can refill consumables just before they run out, avoiding unnecessary waste. In sustainability optimization, smartMate is therefore an important support to reduce the waste of consumables by monitoring consumption and optimizing refill schedules. In addition, the dispensing quantities of the dispensers can be adjusted to allow more uses per filling.

Maximum flexibility

"The IoT-based solution for our PureLine dispensers takes public and semi-public washrooms to a new level," says Enzo Lagrasta, Head of Divisional & Regional Product Management at CWS Hygiene. "Every washroom operator has the goal of being able to provide their users with the hygiene products they need, such as soap and paper, at all times. Washrooms equipped with smartMate are optimized to provide these products consistently and respond flexibly to busy peak periods."

The smartMate solution is now available in Germany and BeNeLux for the PureLine line of hand dryers, liquid and toilet paper dispensers.


About CWS

With innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions, CWS contributes to a healthier and safer future. The range is divided into products and services from the areas of hygiene, mats, workwear, fire protection, cleanroom and health and care. With its service model, the company pursues the basic idea of a circular economy in all areas: Materials are reduced, reused several times and reprocessed in a resource-saving manner. CWS summarizes this understanding of sustainability and related activities as the principle of all its actions under the following motto: Think Circular!

This means that CWS is part of its parent company Haniel's grandchildren's initiative and creates value for generations by linking economic success to value-oriented action. For CWS, sustainability and profitability are closely linked. CWS does business in a way that is generation-friendly and thus capable of being enkelfähig.

CWS is a brand of CWS International GmbH and its subsidiaries. The group currently employs around 11,000 people in 15 countries. In 2021, the company generated sales of 1.249 billion euros. CWS International GmbH and its subsidiaries are a 100 percent holding of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH.