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Automatic extinguishing systems

Fixed automatic fire suppression systems react within a matter of seconds. They release extinguishing agents before a fire can even develop and thus protect employees and property.

Automatic fire suppression systems

Fixed automatic fire suppression systems combat fires as they are developing. Depending on the application, their detectors can immediately detect flames, sparks, smoke and heat.

Consequently they offer reliable protection for machines, IT systems, buildings and the storage of flammable materials. Since automatic fire suppression systems are highly efficient, they can help prevent production downtimes.

We provide comprehensive advice on automatic extinguishing systems.

Types of automatic extinguishing systems

Common extinguishing systems include:

  • Water extinguishing systems
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Water spray extinguishing systems
    • Water mist extinguishing systems
  • Gas extinguishing systems
    • Carbon dioxide: CO2
    • Inert gases: nitrogen, argon, IG 55 (trade name Argonite), IG 541 (trade name Inergen)
    • Synthetic / chemical: FM-200, Novec 1230
  • Foam extinguishing systems
  • Powder extinguishing systems
  • Special extinguishing system
    • Ansul kitchen extinguishing system

The choice of extinguishing agent depends on the location. For example, server rooms and electrical systems are equipped with gas extinguishing systems to prevent fire damage as far as possible. CWS will advise you on the selection, also on site.

Wassernebel-Löschanlage Vernebelung einer Halle

Do you need an extinguishing system or is maintenance due on your extinguishing system?

Planning of extinguishing systems

A fire-hazardous materials warehouse or the canteen kitchen of a hospital - each environment requires a different automatic extinguishing system. At the same time, planners have to comply with all specifications as well as the cost framework. This requires legal and business knowledge.

CWS defines the protection goal according to all specifications and at the same time prepares feasibility and economic analyses. CWS is also your contact for the installation of the stationary, automatic extinguishing system.

Individual all-round service.

Professional consultation

CWS Solution Fire Safety Planung Beratung Dokumentation

At CWS, we have employees with decades of experience to design your automatic fire suppression systems.

Custom planning

CWS Service Cycle Maintenance

Depending on your needs, we can design gas, water and powder extinguishing systems for industrial use, commercial kitchens, hospitals and a variety of other sectors.

Full service

CWS Benefit Fire Safety Full Service

We provide comprehensive service including consultation, inspections and maintenance for the fire suppression system.

The need for fire suppression systems

All-round service by CWS

Fixed fire suppression systems are used to protect both people and property. They may be used in data centres, production and storage facilities, hospitals and even for individual high-quality processing equipment and electrical switchboards. In most cases, special building regulations defined by the country, authorities and property insurers require automatic fire suppression systems. These systems are frequently part of the fire safety and prevention design. Insurance companies will often compensate you for voluntarily investing in these systems.

Our experts work together with insurance companies and the authorities in advance to provide you with the best value for your money. They would be happy to assist you both before and during the negotiations.

Installing fire suppression systems

The specifications defined in DIN EN 12845, VdS 2092 and VdS CEA 4001 are essential in the planning and installation of the systems. VdS 2093 and VdS CEA 4007 need to be applied for CO2 systems. In addition, a risk analysis is required. Most importantly, the fire safety and prevention, electrical, sanitary and installation services need to work together so that these automatic fire suppression systems can be implemented.

CWS Fire Safety’s cross-cutting service will help minimise the effort you need to put into coordinating them. When needed, we work with approved partners. Our designers and fitters independently manage the fire safety and prevention side in close collaboration with the client until final approval, including the fitter certificate and documentation.

Automatische Löschanlagen-Wartung

Inspection of fire suppression systems

Each fire suppression system must be inspected before being put into operation in accordance with the BetrSichV. An approved inspection centre (i.e. a ZÜS) will be responsible for this. It will also be responsible for regular maintenance. The inspections must be documented (§ 17 BetrSichV). When it comes to maintenance and repairs, you are in the best of hands with us.

Would you like to learn more about automatic extinguishing systems? 

Selection of automatic extinguishing systems

We plan, install and commission extinguishing systems. We also carry out regular maintenance and, if necessary, repairs.

We advise you on the extinguishing system, installation or maintenance.

Fire safety solutions from CWS

Consultation, planning and documentation

We are also happy to assist you with fire safety and prevention designs, emergency evacuation plans and official documentation for them.

Installation and approval

More about how a fire safety and prevention system is implemented and prepared for final approval.

Maintenance and repair

We check fire protection doors, installations etc. for functionality and repair defects.

Fire safety and prevention training

We make sure your employees are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

Fire protection engineer

Our professional officer can identify and assess risks in fire protection and make recommendations to you.

Do you have questions about automatic extinguishing systems?

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