Carbon dioxide extinguishing system

Extinguishing systems with CO2 reduce the oxygen content and thus contain the fire very quickly. Only suitable for enclosed spaces without people present.

Carbon dioxide extinguishing system

Carbon dioxide extinguishing system


  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Consulting
  • Acceptance
  • Planning & project engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Instruction / Training
  • Support from CWS fire protection officer


  • No need for extinguishing water retention systems
  • Protection of open or partially enclosed installations
  • Extinguishing agent is not electrically conductive

CO2 extinguishing system - advice, installation & maintenance

CO2 extinguishing systems (i.e. based on carbon dioxide) work by rapidly reducing oxygen in the event of a fire. The expansion of the extinguishing gas from the liquid to the gaseous state of aggregation also creates an additional cooling effect.

CO2 extinguishing systems are used for non-enclosed facilities and large extinguishing areas. These include storage facilities for hazardous substances, storage facilities for flammable liquids, painting facilities, paint storage facilities, hydraulic systems, filter systems, gas turbines, cable ducts, wet paint shops, hot strip rolling mills, or control rooms.

CWS Fire Safety offers two variants of CO2 extinguishing systems:

  1. High-pressure systems (storage in high-pressure cylinders, 60 bar)
  2. Low-pressure systems (storage in an extinguishing agent tank at -20 °C, 25 bar)

All CWS CO2 extinguishing systems meet the following regulations: VdS 2093, VdS 3518, CEA 4007, ISO 6183 and DGUV regulation 105-001.

Important: Even in low concentrations CO2 is hazardous to people, i.e. special technical precautions must be taken for the evacuation of people (e.g. redundant room alarms).


  • CO2 extinguishing systems are quickly and cost-effectively ready for use again after deployment


The extinguishing effect of a CO2 extinguishing system leaves no residues.

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