Carbon monoxide detector

Invisible, odourless and tasteless - the danger of CO should not be underestimated. Our CO detectors provide early warning and save lives in case of fire.

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide detector


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Carbon monoxide detectors - advice & installation

Carbon monoxide detectors, also called CO detectors, warn of carbon monoxide, an invisible, odourless and tasteless gas. This gas, if inhaled, can cause death within a short time. Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete combustion of wood, coal or gas. Every year, around 600 people in Germany die as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. A carbon monoxide detector reduces this danger reliably and safely.


Areas of application for carbon monoxide detectors

The areas of application for CO detectors include private households, commercial and public buildings of all kinds as well as caravans. If wood, coal or gas are used in heating systems, fireplaces, gas cookers or gas heaters, we strongly recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector.


Function of a carbon monoxide detector

A CO detector uses an electrochemical sensor to measure the carbon monoxide concentration in the air at regular intervals. At a certain critical value, an alarm can be triggered at an early stage. CO detectors must be replaced every five to ten years. They usually have a long-life battery and when the battery power drops, an optical or acoustic signal is given in good time. To be able to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide correctly, the CO detector should be positioned at a height of 1.0 to 1.5 m in the room.


Important note: Please note that CO detectors are not smoke alarms and are not a substitute. Only carbon monoxide can be measured. To warn of emerging fires, use a smoke alarm in addition!


All-round carefree package: We advise you on the use of carbon monoxide detectors and install them in the right places according to regulations. Request a quote now.


  • Warns in time of carbon monoxide


Protects human life and warns in time to get yourself to safety.

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