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Maintenance overview security technology

Overview of maintenance and inspection of fire alarm systems, intruder alarm systems and video surveillance systems.

Need for maintenance of the safety technology

The maintenance of the security technology ensures the functional integrity and thus the protection of people and property. In addition, problems can be detected and remedied at an early stage, which has a positive effect on the service life as well as on cost efficiency. False alarms, which can be triggered by dirt, defects or outdated software, for example, are reduced with regular maintenance of the safety technology.

In addition, standards specify how often a safety technology system must be maintained and what must be observed during maintenance (details in the standards: VdS 2311, VDE 0833 and DIN 14675).

Responsibilities for maintenance of the safety technology

In principle, the operator is responsible for testing, maintenance and inspection. If an insurance company requires, for example, a burglar alarm system and a cover note has been issued, this is also linked to the regular inspection of the security technology system. This means that in the event of an insurance claim, the maintenance records must be shown.

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Overview Maintenance Security Technology

Fire alarm system

Wartung Sicherheitstechnik Brandmeldeanlage


  • Maintenance by a competent person: at least annually
  • Inspection by a competent person: quarterly
  • Recurring inspection according to PrüfVO: every 3 - 6 years (depending on the federal state)

Burglar alarm system

Wartung Sicherheitstechnik Einbruchmeldeanlage


  • VdS class A: 1 x annual inspection, inspection and maintenance each
  • VdS class B: 2 x annual inspections and maintenance each
  • VdS class C: 4 x annual inspections, servicing and maintenance in each case

Video surveillance system

Wartung Sicherheitstechnik Videoüberwachungsanlage


Recommendation: Inspection by a competent person at least annually.

Access control systems

Wartung Sicherheitstechnik Zutrittskontrollsystem


Recommendation: Inspection by a competent person at least annually.

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Difference between visual / technical inspection and maintenance

  • Visual inspection The visual inspection must be carried out by the system operator. Is the system externally intact? Is there any manipulation or damage?
  • Technical inspection: An expert checks the security technology with the help of technical tests and measurements.
  • Maintenance: An expert carries out a planned inspection on a regular basis to ensure functionality. Maintenance includes, for example, cleaning and aligning sensors, updating software, replacing batteries or similar measures.

Timely maintenance of the safety technology

As a certified specialist company, CWS Fire Safety takes care of the regular and necessary maintenance and inspection of the safety technology. 

Within the scope of a maintenance contract, all inspections and maintenance are carried out professionally and on time. The maintenance report is then made available digitally.

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