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28 March 2024 Fire Safety

Early fire detection is an essential part of preventive fire protection in residential and commercial buildings. The timely detection of fires not only enables a faster response, but can also save lives and minimise property damage.

Why is automatic early fire detection important?

Fast and reliable early fire detection is crucial, as fires often spread quickly and can have devastating consequences within minutes. An early alarm enables people to be evacuated in good time, the fire brigade to be alerted and further protective measures to be initiated (e.g. activation of extinguishing or SHEV systems). In addition, effective fire detection makes it possible to limit material damage through early intervention.

Brandfrüherkennung mittels BMA-CWS Fire Safety ist Ihr Experte

How does early fire detection by means of a fire alarm system work?

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A fire alarm system is a complex system consisting of various components, including smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual call points, control centres and alarm devices. These components work together to detect potential fire events and trigger an alarm. Smoke detectors, for example, react to the particles produced by a fire, while heat detectors can indicate a rapid rise in temperature.

If a fire is detected, the fire alarm system sends a signal to the control centre, which in turn activates alarms, such as acoustic sirens and visual signalling devices. The fire brigade is also notified at the same time.

Our holistic support

As a leading full-service provider in preventive fire protection, we offer comprehensive advice and support on all aspects of early fire detection. We support our customers from the planning and installation through to the acceptance of fire alarm systems.

We also carry out regular maintenance to ensure that the systems are always ready for use and function optimally. With our holistic approach, we guarantee effective early fire detection and thus make a significant contribution to the safety of people and buildings.

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