Fire safety during the Christmas period

To ensure that candlelight and a decorated Christmas tree do not cause a fire, there are a few rules to follow.

Brandschutz Weihnachtszeit - Brandschutz Weihnachten

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9 December 2022 Fire Safety

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning! - At the end of the year, the most beautiful time of the year arrives for many people, because Christmas is just around the corner. And not only a beautifully decorated and glowing Christmas tree is part of the tradition in many households, but also the Advent wreath. All this is part of the festive mood for many people. Unfortunately, however, they pose an increased fire hazard in buildings. So fire protection is not to be neglected during the Christmas season.

Why is fire safety important during the Christmas season?

Brandschutz Weihnachtsbaum - Brandschutz Tannenbaum

House and flat fires often occur during the Christmas season, caused by Advent wreaths and Christmas trees. The reasons for the resulting fire are quite different:

  •     no candle holders at all or flammable candle holders
  •     candles burned too far or at an angle
  •     proximity to flammable objects (fir branches, decorations, etc.)
  •     careless handling of Advent wreath/Christmas tree

In order to ensure fire safety during the Christmas season, we show you which rules to follow!

How can fire protection be ensured during the Christmas season?

First of all, it is advisable to refrain from using real candles and instead switch to battery-operated candles. This considerably reduces the risk of a fire.

How can you make an Advent wreath fire-safe?

If you do decide to use real candles on an Advent wreath, it is always recommended to use a fireproof base for the Advent wreath. Self-extinguishing candles are also advisable, as they extinguish their flame early if it has already burned down too far.

Furthermore, the candles should be positioned so that there are no flammable objects in the immediate vicinity. The fir branches and other decorations on the Christmas tree can be particularly dangerous. If you pay attention to this, the flame can be prevented from spreading to other objects and expanding the source of the fire.

Another measure to maintain fire safety on the Advent wreath and Christmas tree is to use stable and non-flammable candle holders to completely prevent the flame from spreading.

If you want to use fairy lights or other illuminated decorations, make sure that they have a recognised test mark, e.g. a GS mark or a TÜV seal.

Adventskranz brandsicher gestalten - Brandschutz in der Weihnachtszeit

Important for fire protection of Christmas tree and Advent wreath!

Never leave candles unattended or burning too far. It is highly advisable to always have a bucket of water or even a fire extinguisher close at hand. CWS will be happy to advise you on which fire extinguisher is best for your facility!

Smoke alarms - the lifesavers!

Smoke alarms are a lifesaver not only in winter. Nevertheless, they are particularly important for fire protection around Christmas.

They warn of highly dangerous smoke gases such as carbon monoxide in the event of heavy smoke development or a fire. This is why they are required by law in private households and are therefore obligatory.

Further measures for more safety

In order to protect your home in the best possible way, even outside the Advent and Christmas season, you should have your fire extinguishers checked and serviced by a specialist company at regular intervals (every 2 years at the latest).

It is also advisable to have your smoke alarms checked regularly, because smoke alarms save lives!

 Feel free to share our fire safety tips! Help prevent fires during the Advent season.

We wish you a wonderful Advent season and Merry Christmas!

Brandschutz rund um Weihnachten

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