Fire safety officer tasks at a glance

A fire safety officer has many tasks. Get to know the tasks of a fire safety officer.

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12 January 2024 Fire Safety

The fire safety officer's tasks are varied. They support a company on all fire protection issues.

The role of fire safety officer can be held by an internal employee or an external fire safety officer. In both cases, the fire safety officer must be appointed in writing by the employer in accordance with the Works Constitution Act (BetrVG). We answer the most important questions for you on the subject of fire safety officer duties


What does a fire safety officer do?

A company fire safety officer is responsible for fire safety in a building. He advises and supports a company in all areas of fire protection. They identify risks and recommend measures for optimal and legally compliant fire protection in a company.

Fire safety officer-tasks and duties

The fire safety officer has a wide range of tasks and, as an expert, advises and supports the company in all areas of fire safety. He is familiar with all legal regulations and helps the company to implement the requirements of authorities and property insurers. For example, he inspects the fire protection equipment in the building at regular intervals (depending on the size of the company).

In addition, the tasks of a fire safety officer include accompanying the acceptance of fire protection systems by experts as well as acting as a contact person for conversions and new buildings. They also instruct and train employees in the company, identify fire and explosion hazards and check escape and rescue routes.

Companies that are unable to appoint a fire safety officer from among their own employees have the option of using an external fire safety officer.

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Fire safety officer tasks

in detail

The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has defined 26 tasks of a fire safety officer. These can be found in DGUV Information 205-003 "Tasks, qualification, training and appointment of fire safety officers" from December 2020.

Here you will find all fire safety officer tasks according to DGUV ⬇️

  1. Creating / updating the fire safety regulations
  2. Assisting in the assessment of fire hazards at workplaces
  3. Advising on flammable work processes and the use of flammable materials
  4. Assisting in the determination of fire and explosion hazards
  5. Assisting in the preparation of operating instructions, insofar as they relate to fire protection
  6. Assisting with structural, technical and organizational measures as far as they relate to fire protection
  7. Assisting with the implementation of official orders and fire insurer requirements, insofar as they relate to fire protection
  8. Helping to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations for new buildings, conversions and extensions, changes of use, rentals and procurements
  9. Advising on equipping workplaces with fire extinguishing equipment and selecting extinguishing agents
  10. Assisting with the implementation of the fire protection concept
  11. Checking that escape and rescue plans, fire department plans, alarm plans, etc. are up to date, arranging updates if necessary and assisting in the process
  12. Planning, organizing and carrying out evacuation drills
  13. Participating in official fire inspections and carrying out internal fire safety inspections
  14. Reporting defects and proposing measures to rectify them and monitoring the rectification of defects
  15. Supporting managers with regular fire safety training for employees
  16. Training and further training of employees with special tasks in the event of a fire, e.g. in the handling of fire extinguishing equipment (fire safety assistants in accordance with ASR A2.23)
  17. Checking the storage and/or facilities for storing flammable liquids, gases, etc.
  18. Checking the safety markings for fire protection equipment and for escape and rescue routes
  19. Monitoring the usability of escape and rescue routes
  20. Organizing the testing and maintenance of fire protection equipment
  21. Checking that specified fire protection measures are adhered to, especially for work involving a fire hazard
  22. Helping to determine alternative measures in the event of failure and decommissioning of fire protection equipment
  23. Supporting the contractor in discussions with fire protection authorities and fire departments, fire insurers, accident insurance providers, state health and safety authorities, etc.
  24. Commenting on investment decisions relating to fire safety issues
  25. Participating in the implementation of preventive and reactive (protective) measures in emergency management, e.g. for critical infrastructure (power failure), for local weather events with damage potential (extreme heat/cold waves, heavy rain, storms, hail, snow load, etc.)
  26. Documenting its fire protection activities

The tasks of the external fire safety officer

External fire safety officers report directly to the company management.

They therefore regularly submit a report to the management documenting defects and recommending appropriate measures. However, the management alone decides on their implementation.

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