Separation of drinking and fire fighting water

Learn more about the necessary drinking water separation by means of a fire water transfer point.

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2 May 2023 Fire Safety

The separation of drinking water and extinguishing water is relevant for extinguishing water systems that supply hydrants & other fire protection equipment in the building with extinguishing water. For this purpose, extinguishing water transfer points are the preferred solution.

Learn more about drinking water separation and how our knowledgeable experts can support you in our blog article!

Drinking water vs. fire-fighting water - Why hygiene is so important!


Drinking water is one of our most important and valuable foodstuffs and is strictly monitored in Germany. Regulations can be found in the Drinking Water Ordinance, which contains, among other things, comprehensive protective regulations. These are intended to prevent various types of impairment.

In Germany, the water supply companies (WVU) have the obligation to supply drinking water of the specified quality up to the end of the house connection pipe (up to the water meter). Principles for this can also be found in the "Ordinance on General Conditions for the Supply of Water", or AVBWasserV for short. The operator of a building is responsible for the perfect quality after the water meter.

Separation of drinking water and extinguishing water: Extinguishing water transfer points (LWÜ)

Trennung von Trink- und Löschwasser -Löschwasserübergabestellen (LWÜ)

The preferred solution for the separation of drinking water and extinguishing water is the use of a suitable extinguishing water transfer point.

Regulations on this can be found in DIN 14462. In addition, local requirements may have to be taken into account.

Such a fire-fighting water transfer point consists, for example, of a tank supplemented by a pressure boosting system. Alternatively, a so-called filling and emptying station is possible. Nowadays, this is mainly used in areas where there is a risk of frost.

If you have wall hydrants, above-ground hydrants or underground hydrants and the corresponding facilities are missing in the house connection room, you should act quickly.

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Füll- und Entleerstation Trennstation Löschwassertechnik

No grandfathering in the separation of drinking water & extinguishing water

Kein Bestandsschutz bei der Trennung von Trinkwasser Löschwasser

Often one hears the statement: "grandfathering applies there". However, this is not the case here. A system that poses a latent health hazard must be assessed regardless of its age.

The system must be designed to be safe during operation. Although there is no "obligation" to use an extinguishing water transfer point in accordance with DIN 14462, alternative measures would then have to be taken that would also reliably achieve the required protection goal. In practice, this is very difficult to implement and usually involves high follow-up costs.

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We plan, install and maintain, among other things, extinguishing water transfer points, filling & emptying stations and drinking water separation stations.

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