Alpha HighVis – sustainable warning and weather protection clothing made from Tecawork® Ecogreen

Sustainable materials that meet quality and safety requirements. The Alpha HighVis combines both. 

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21 July 2022

How to make high-visibility and weatherproof clothing that is sustainable, complies with the EN ISO 20471 and EN 13758 safety standards and is comfortable to wear? CWS found the answer with Alpha HighVis. The work jackets, dungarees and overalls in the collection, which has been available since 2021, are made entirely from the ecological fabric Tecawork® Ecogreen. The fibres are a blend of the cellulose fabric Lyocell from sustainable timber cultivation and recycled polyester from used PET plastic bottles. This innovative fabric significantly reduces the ecological footprint of Alpha HighVis compared to classic polycotton blends. This is the result of an internal audit in which CWS revealed, among other things, the sustainability problems, so-called hotspots, in the workwear sector.  

One focus of the audit is on the impact categories climate change, biodiversity and circular economy. In the case of Alpha HighVis, the analysis showed that compared to classic polycotton blends, choosing this innovative fabric reduces water consumption by 95 per cent and energy consumption by 45 per cent. Overall, there is a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of around 30 percent. With this balance, the Alpha HighVis is one of the particularly sustainable products from CWS, which is thus clearly enkelfähig. 


>>> You can read more about how CWS assesses the sustainability of a product and which criteria a product has to meet in our current sustainability report.




Think Circular – CWS‘ Sustainability approach 

CWS sees itself as an active part of the circular economy and always thinks in cycles. This involves the three logical steps of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. With its circular business model, the company contributes to a healthier and safer tomorrow. In addition to the constant task of improving sustainability factors, CWS also uses several sustainability labels to identify its products and services.