Blue Angel: The German Government's eco-label

The independent Blue Angel eco-label offers orientation and transparency when buying environmentally friendly products – including the B2B segment.

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14 April 2022

For more than 40 years, it has been the German government's environmental label: The Blue Angel identifies products and services that are more environmentally friendly than comparable products. The label is known and recognised by both companies and consumers. This comes as no surprise: more than 20,000 products have been awarded the Blue Angel including, for example, paints, furniture, detergents and recycled paper. According to surveys by the Federal Environment Agency, 90 % of consumers are familiar with the label. 23 % of them said that the Blue Angel influences their purchasing decisions.1

Clearly defined and transparent criteria

The credibility of the Blue Angel is due, among other things, to the clearly defined, publicly accessible environmental criteria and testing rules. The criteria are developed together with stakeholders in a transparent process. In addition, the award criteria are revised every three to four years. Together with the "Environmental Label Jury" as the decision-making body and RAL gGmbH as the independent certification organisation, the label stands for independent, transparent and sophisticated certification.

Only products that are more environmentally friendly than similar competing products qualify for certification. Depending on the product, different award criteria are important: The label considers durability and eco-friendliness of the product or service as well as the processes and supply chains.

CWS products more environmentally friendly than comparable products

CWS also offers products that are more environmentally friendly and longer-lasting than comparable products. These include the disposable paper towels CWS 25 x 31 1 ply green and CWS 25 x 31 1 ply natural. The CWS cotton towel systems of all dispenser lines, including the new CWS PureLine Dry, have also been awarded the Blue Angel according to RAL-ZU 77. The jury was convinced by the fact that the CWS cotton towel systems protect resources, reduce waste and pollute less water. For example, a single cotton towel roll replaces up to 22,000 paper towels in the course of its life cycle. In addition, cotton towel rolls require 48 % less energy than virgin fibre paper during production, the washing process, logistics and disposal. CWS customers also save on disposal costs and can keep their washrooms cleaner, as no paper towels are left on the floor.

In line with "Think Circular!", the cotton towel rolls are not simply disposed of at the end of their life cycle, but around 90 % are reused as raw material for cleaning cloths and mops.


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