Used fabrics, reinvented

Yesterday’s workwear, today’s designer fashion: Daniel Kroh and Oxana Jemeljanow create upcycled styles from discarded CWS Workwear.


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18 August 2022

An important part of CWS’ “Think Circular” approach is to keep the garments in our workwear collections in circulation for as long as possible. Therefore, they are professionally cleaned, repaired and reused again and again for the longest possible time. It is, of course, unavoidable that one day the textiles will be discarded – but this is by no means the end of the story.

Turning old into new

In accordance with its sustainable business model, CWS has sought out cooperation partners who know how to combine sustainability with a sense of style. Daniel Kroh, for example, has made it his mission to give discarded clothing an attractive future in the most literal sense of the word. The designer completed an internship in product management at CWS in 2004. Shortly afterwards, he launched his own fashion label in Berlin. He has since been making upcycled fashion from discarded clothing. More precisely: CWS supplies Kroh with around two and a half tons of discarded workwear every year. Kroh creates sustainable outfits for men from what is thought to be trash, including custom jackets and blazers exclusively for CWS managers. This is not only good for the environment – it also looks great.


CWS goes Fashion Week Frankfurt

Another artist who has embraced the sustainable upcycling concept is Oxana Jemeljanow. The designer, who works as a clothing technician at CWS, presented a streetwear collection made from discarded workwear as part of the CWS Workwear Challenge in 2020. The sophisticated styles in bright colours proved so popular that they made a splash outside of CWS as well: Earlier this year, Jameljanow took part in the Frankfurt Fashion Lounge competition, in which young designers present ideas for sustainable everyday fashion. As a finalist, she was invited to present two spring styles on the catwalk at Frankfurt Fashion Week. Five of her designs were also included in the presentation of the fall & winter 2022 collections.

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